New porcelain collections for Rosenthal Zaha Hadid Design

Zaha Hadid Design’s new collections for Rosenthal reinterpret the relationships inherent throughout the studio’s architecture

Project Specs


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Rosenthal是一家成立于1879年的世界领先的瓷器和家居用品制造商。在长达140年的品牌历史中,Rosenthal创造了众多经久不衰的产品系列,同时还与众多著名的艺术家和设计师进行过合作,包括萨尔瓦多·达利、安迪·沃霍尔、瓦尔特·格罗皮乌斯和维纳·潘顿等。此次,由Zaha Hadid Design为Rosenthal设计的新瓷器系列延续了事务所的一贯风格与架构。

Founded in 1879, Rosenthal is one of the world’s leading producers of porcelain tableware and items for the home. Creating timeless collections throughout its 140-year history, Rosenthal has also collaborated on acclaimed edition pieces with leading artists and designers including Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Walter Gropius and Verner Panto. Zaha Hadid Design’s new collections for Rosenthal reinterpret the relationships inherent throughout the studio’s architecture.



Lapp collection


The Lapp collection comprises a family of vases of different sizes in varying combinations of matt and gloss ceramic finishes. Informed by the motion of a liquid droplets flowing along a solid surface, the design creates openings and voids that allow for many different flower arrangements at the top – as well as on the sides – of the vase.



Weave Collection

Weave花瓶系列的设计源于Zaha Hadid笔下的流畅线条。通过分离而又交织的优美线条,该设计以一种独特而精致的语言展示出流动性与对称性之间的相互作用。

Defined by the fluid lines of Zaha Hadid’s sketching hand, the Weave vases incorporate delicate strokes that interweave and diverge to express their interplay of fluidity and symmetry.



Strip collection


The Strip collection includes three sculptural vases and two bowls of different sizes. A sequence of vertical strips with rhythmical offsets, the Strip collection transitions their square base into a circular top edge. Metallic highlights between each strip generate an intricacy within each design.

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