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Project Specs

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布鲁克林的325 Kent是SHoP建筑事务所在多米诺糖厂总体规划中,第一个完工的建筑单体(2018年春季)。

Brooklyn’s 325 Kent is the first building to be completed as part of SHoP’s Domino Sugar master plan.

▼项目外观,external view of the building

325 Kent包括500个出租住宅,其中100多个单元低于周边市场出租价格。零售店面围绕着建筑主体外围,占据了一楼的大部分区域。考究的设计与面积分配,起到了承接周边小商户独特面貌的连续性。 住宅楼层从东面向上延伸,起到了与现有街区水平高度的连接。在靠近东河的岸边方向,达到建筑的顶楼,提供了大型的观景户外平台。

325 Kent comprises 500 residential rentals, over 100 of which are offered at below-market rates. Retail storefronts occupy the ground floor perimeter, carefully sized to encourage continuity with the neighborhood’s pattern of smaller, independent businesses. The residential floors step up in terraces from the east, forming a connection between the existing neighborhood, the taller Domino buildings that will be constructed along the shore, and the towers of Manhattan visible across the East River.

▼从河对面眺望建筑,distanced view of the building from opposite the river

▼建筑成为对岸公园中人们活动的背景,the building became a background for people’s activities in the park opposite the river


The long facades of the building fan subtly to increase the sense of openness on the narrower side streets, while the dramatic bridging element creates an urbane backdrop to the plan’s new 6.6 acre waterfront park.

▼退台设计加强了空间的开放感,terraced design enhanced the openness of the space

▼建筑上层的巨大连桥,large skybridge on the upper floor of the building


▼建筑下层区域采用铜合金板,上层区域采用锌合金板,copper panels were used on the lower part of the facade, while zinc above

▼下层的铜合金板细部,details of the copper panels on the lower floors

▼上层的锌合金板细部,details of the zinc panels on the upper floors

After over a year of on-site testing to study materials that would age gracefully and contribute to the dramatic industrial character of the area, two specific formulations of sheet metals were chosen for the exterior—copper for the lower floors, zinc above. Each is perforated in a variety of patterns to create a rhythm of light and dark, open and closed, that enlivens the building’s surfaces and conceals 325 Kent’s mechanicals from view.

▼屋顶观景平台,platform on the roof

▼俯瞰退台及建筑中部庭院,aerial view of the terrace ant courtyard

▼露台休息区,communication space on the terrace

▼退台上的休息交流区,可以眺望河景,communication space on the terrace, with great view to the river


▼夕阳下的建筑,building in the dusk

Text Description: Xu Zhang (SHoP Architects, New York)

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