New pizza headquarters for Old Scuola in Rotterdam by IWT

Pizzeria in the industry.

Project Specs


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Old Scuola 餐厅为一间极具工业化氛围的餐厅。该餐厅由两个年轻的企业家合作开设,旨在为园区带来最酷炫最好吃的披萨。该餐厅以水磨石为主要装饰元素,使用空间350平方米。坐落于最具创意的工业区之中,该餐厅与MVRDV和Groos Concept Store成为邻居。

Terrazzo bar elements form the epicentre of the 350m2 industrial production kitchen and restaurant, called Old Scuola. The restaurant is founded by two young entrepreneurs to support their quest to create the ultimate pizza and is located in the new creative hub ‘Het Industriegebouw’ which also houses MVRDV and Groos Concept Store.

▼工业化氛围的餐厅,the industrial production kitchen and restaurant


IWT aimed to design a spatial machine, an interplay between the support strip, the bar elements and the acoustic landscape. A metal clad support strip facilitates its fixed program – two wood-fired ovens, kitchen, stairs, toilets and storage – in a minimal programmatic footprint. The strip is accompanied by three centrally positioned terrazzo bar elements, which, together with the workbenches, double as production area during the day, and eating area in the evening. These different user zones of the bar elements enable unexpected interactions and social encounters between guests and staff.

▼主操作台,the strip

▼以水磨石为主要装饰元素,terrazzo as the main element

▼水磨石细部,terrazzo detail


▼披萨炉,wood-fired ovens


Custom-made acoustic baffles and adjustable frames with integrated lighting on the ceiling reveal a zoning landscape focussed on a sound- and light intimacy atmosphere in this industrial production environment. The linoleum covered dining tables mark the more secluded areas under and above the entresol, and are enclosed by curtains playing with visual transparency.

▼透明窗帘围合亲密的用餐空间,the visual transparency of the curtains encloses intimate dining spaces

▼私密空间被隐蔽在窗帘之后,the linoleum covered the more secluded areas


▼空间结构组织,spatial interventions

▼声学控制,the acoustics landscape

▼吧台活动分区,activities zoning of bar cluster

▼底层平面图,the ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,the first floor plan

New pizza headquarters for Old Scuola in Rotterdam.
Instability We Trust
completion year: 2017
built area: 350m2
project location: Achterklooster 1, Het Industriegebouw, the Netherlands
Photographer: Pim Top 
lead architects: Chantal Schoenmakers and Bastiaan Kalmeyer
Corradi, Amsterdam – Terrazzo

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