New Entry of the High School of Engineering and Management by A&F architectes

Pixelated matrix facade

Project Specs


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建筑事务所A&F architectes为HEIG-VD(沃州工程与管理大学)的工程管理高中设计了新入口。建筑师Aouabed和Figuccio提出了一个设计策略:建造一个由单片墙体所限定出的建筑体量,以期在赋予学校视觉识别性的同时,重新组织其公共空间。

The new entrance to the HEIG-VD in Yverdons-les-Bains designed by A&F architectes. The strategy of the architects Aouabed & Figuccio to build a single wall as an architectural synthesis to create a visual identity and reconfigure the public spaces of the school.

▼主入口外观,exterior view of the entrance ©A&F architectes


– 在学校内创建一个高辨识度的行人入口空间;
– 激发学校内闲置露台空间的活力,并将其整合到入口空间中去;
– 创建一个在公共空间中具有较高可见度的标识系统;
– 通过材料的选择来反映学校教学的具体内容;
– 为人们提供一个具有空间序列感的独特的聚会场所。

The project proposes to use an architectural sculpture to create the main entrance of the school, which so far is not identifiable. The objectives are as follows:

– Establish a main pedestrian entrance to the school, clearly identifiable.
– Activate the unused terraces of the school to integrate them into the entrance route.
– Integrate signage that is visible from public space.
– Reflect the particular questions taught within the school, through the choices of materialization
– Create a unique meeting place, a spatial sequence allowing users to meet and meet there.

▼雕塑般的主入口体量,具有极高的辨识度,the sculptural entrance that is clearly identifiable ©A&F architectes


▼主入口的几何构成,geometric composition of the entrance ©A&F architectes

By extending the curve of the existing building, the intervention generates both an entrance pavilion in the axis leading to the main courtyard of the school, an outdoor foyer for the Aula, as well as a monumental façade, which delimits clearly the school grounds and asserts its identity.

▼主入口体量采用曲线造型,清晰地界定了学校的场地边界,the entrance with curves, delimiting clearly the school grounds ©A&F architectes


▼立面矩阵,the composition matrix of the elevation ©A&F architectes

▼立面矩阵单体,units of the composition matrix of the elevation ©A&F architectes

The system is functional because it makes it possible to enhance unused terraces to qualitatively change their status and create new routes. The wall is made of concrete poured on site, like the existing building. The upper part is made up of a multitude of caissons or material pixels, which refer to the structure of the building and allow HEIG-VD to be registered using stained glass. On the other hand, the curve and the shape of the boxes refer to one of the oldest uses of concrete from Roman antiquity, and thus directly addresses one of the research activities within the school.

▼混凝土围墙外表面,上半部分采用沉箱型结构形式的不透明洞口,表面设有阶梯式的图案纹理,the exterior surface of the concrete enclosure wall, the upper part is made up of a multitude of caissons or material pixels ©A&F architectes

▼外表面细节,details of the exterior surface of the enclosure wall ©A&F architectes

▼混凝土围墙内表面,interior surface of the enclosure wall ©A&F architectes

▼混凝土围墙内表面,透明洞口内嵌有彩色玻璃,interior surface of the enclosure wall, the openings are complemented by stained glass ©A&F architectes

▼混凝土围墙内表面细节,details of the interior surface of the enclosure wall ©A&F architectes


▼主入口剖面图及视线分析,section of the entrance and its sight analysis ©A&F architectes

Opposite the front door is the ideal vantage point for reading the anamorphosis, a blue disc framed in the square door. This form visible from a single point of view, replay the architectural gesture of the entrance, which extends the circle of the Aula. This sculpture / painting uses perspective and fragments according to the movement of the user, offering the entrance space a possibility of somewhere else.

▼站在主入口的对面,人们可以看到方形的门洞中存在着一个错位的蓝色圆盘,opposite the front door is the ideal vantage point for reading the anamorphosis, a blue disc framed in the square door ©A&F architectes

▼实体模型,the physical model ©A&F architectes

▼轴测图,the axon ©A&F architectes

▼校园总平面图,situation plan of the school ©A&F architectes

▼主入口平面图,plan of the entrance ©A&F architectes

▼立面图,elevation ©A&F architectes

▼立面纹理矩阵,the composition matrix of the elevation ©A&F architectes

Architects: A&F architectes (Aouabed & Figuccio) Geneva – Swiss
Location of the projetct: Route De Cheseaux 1 – 1401 Yverdon-les-Bains – Swiss
Procedure: Selection Competition – 1st Price (2014)
Building: 2019
Client (public): État de Vaud – SIPaL – Swiss state
Artist: Delphine Renault, Paris – France
Structural engineers: Aurelio Muttoni & Miguel Fernandez, Écublens – Swiss
Building company: Dentan Frères SA, Lausanne – Swiss

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