Neon Desert by Stefano Gardel

Civilization fights for surviving.

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该系列摄影作品拍摄于冬季日出时分的加利福尼亚沙漠。摄影师用荧光色和工业化的色调重新诠释了这里的自然景色,形成一种八十年代人造波的复古氛围。越野车在沙丘上留下一条条轮胎印记,让人不仅联想到《Mad Max》中的场景,仿佛确有文明在此挣扎求生。

This series was shot in the California desert during the winter at sunrise. I chose to reinterpret this landscape with industrial tones and neon colors, giving it a retro synth wave look from the eighties. The tire tracks left on the sand by quads reminded me of Mad Max, so I decided to include them in the shots to suggest how a civilization fighting for survival might actually live there.

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