Translate local landscape into an abstracted installation.

Project Specs


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The spatial design of the visitor center “Naturpark Südsteiermark” in Southern Styria, Austria and a nature conservation exhibition translates the region’s landscape into an abstracted, customized installation for the historic building, a former estate.

▼项目外观,external view of the project © Paul Ott


The reduced landscape installation consciously contrasts the historic estate and constitutes a stage and frame for the new visitor center. Existing elements of the historic building are used for zoning the three areas – information, delicacies, and wine store, while simultaneously integrating into the abstract, generous spatial installation. The 15-meter-long table, on which the products of the region are presented, forms the link to the 15 nature park communities featured in the exhibition. The simple and raw materials used are a deliberate contrast to the refined region’s products, linking together the building´s former use and the manufacturing sites of the presented goods.

▼问讯处,information area © Paul Ott

▼美食区,15米长桌用于展示当地的产品,delicacies area, 15-meter-long table is used to display local products © Paul Ott

▼葡萄酒商店,wine store © Paul Ott


The interior landscape, structured along the exhibition’s topics, acts simultaneously as display for objects, descriptions, graphics, and multimedia projection and forms the emotional framework as an abstract image of the various biospheres of the nature park. The visitors are guided through the various landscapes and experiences according to the different scales and references of the architecture, which are directly proportional to one another.

▼1号展厅,exhibition 1 © Paul Ott

▼产品、文字说明、图像以及多媒体投影,objects, descriptions, graphics, and multimedia projection © Paul Ott

▼抽象的景观装置,abstracted landscape installation © Paul Ott

▼展台细部,details © Paul Ott

▼朴素而原始的材料,simple and raw materials © Paul Ott

▼2号展厅,exhibition 2 © Paul Ott

▼模拟自然公园的多种生态圈,simulating various biospheres of nature park © Paul Ott


The exhibition architecture, as a spatial intervention, utilizes the existing space and zones it accordingly. On the ground floor, a “seating landscape” and the theme “Future of the Nature Park” conclude the exhibition tour and lead visitors back to the information center.

▼墙面细部,details © Paul Ott

▼一层平面,1F plan © INNOCAD

▼二层平面,2F plan © INNOCAD

▼一层立面,1F elevation © INNOCAD

▼二层立面,2F elevation © INNOCAD

Client: Marktgemeinde Kaindorf a. d. Kulm KG, Stadtgemeinde Leibnitz
Location: Grottenhof, ÖSTERREICH
Floor Space: 610 m²
Number of Floors: 2
Construction Start: 01 / 2019
Completion: 04 / 2019
Project Team: Jörg Kindermann, Martin Lesjak, Peter Schwaiger, Amila Smajlovic
Photographer: Paul Ott

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