Natural Finland shop with Flexible Layout by YATOFU Creatives

Movable wooden volumes providing various spatial arrangement for the shop.

Project Specs


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Natural Finland商店位于赫尔辛基市中心一条交通繁忙的街道上,每天可以吸引无数游人驻足。Yatofu Creatives 在拿到任务时并不知道商店的具体功能,因此他们要以全新的思维方式进行空间设计。

In designing the Natural Finland shop, Yatofu Creatives were set a different kind of challenge: To create the space before knowing its function. Positioned on a heavily trafficked street in central Helsinki, the storefront where the current Natural Finland store resides is a well sought-after location.

▼店内一览,overall view of the shop

1-Natural Finland_YATOFU_02


When our client approached us with little to no idea regarding the actual function of the store, other than a signed lease and a clear idea of her clientele and the atmosphere she was looking for, we realized that we had a task which involved a very different design process. We had to reverse our thinking; put the descriptive qualities before the functional qualities; and create a design that would serve as an open answer. Through communication with the client, we set the brief to be an open and inviting retail space, with a bright and airy feel, while exuding the warm comfort of the Scandinavian attitude. The actual product category would be determined later, so functional aspects of the space were to be designed with an ethereal hand.

▼温馨的空间,an inviting space

1-Natural Finland_YATOFU_01


In conveying the fresh and bright atmosphere we were seeking, neutral but impactful colors were chosen such as the soft pistachio grey of the overall space, the muted malachite green of the accent wall, and the punches of pastel tangerine that dot the interior and bring a playful feel to the overall atmosphere. We also sought to create more visual interest and texture through the natural materials chosen for the interior. The herringbone wooden flooring set the backdrop for the birch plywood fixtures, which were oiled to emphasize their organic grain pattern. Plywood surfaces were also used on wall shelves and window boxes to provide a neutral stage for the products to be determined.

▼沉静的颜色和木材营造舒适氛围,soft color and wood material creating comfortable atmosphere

1-Natural Finland_YATOFU_07


The store fixtures were designed with versatility in mind, not only for merchandising, but also for spatial arrangement. Central displays were placed on brightly colored wheels for ease of rearrangement, and painted wooden volumes of various sizes allowed for different product display options. We essentially created pieces for the client to play with in the space, while also giving the space the opportunity to evolve around the product selection.

▼可以移动的展柜,movable volumes

1-Natural Finland_YATOFU_03

1-Natural Finland_YATOFU_06

Natural Finland商店主要出售天然食品,其商标在确定店铺概念后迅速被设计了出来。 LOGO为灰绿色,其中绘有手绘风格的图案,色调与整体空间相和谐,强调了室内明快而又温馨的氛围。在收银台后面的墙上印有莎士比亚的诗句,丰富了店铺的内涵,让游客可以从中获得启发。

The brand design was addressed once it was decided that Natural Finland, a natural food store, would be the outcome. A logo with hand-drawn qualities and interior graphics were harmoniously incorporated into the soft hues of the space, and emphasized the light and inviting atmosphere. A poetic and suggestive quote is printed on the wall behind the cashier desk to imbue meaning and a richer narrative into retail concept.

▼LOGO与空间相协调,the logo is harmonious with the space

3-Natural Finland_YATOFU_04     3-Natural Finland_YATOFU_08

▼收银台后的墙壁上印有诗句,quote printed on the wall behind the cashier

4-Natural Finland_YATOFU_00

Natural Finland项目的设计及其成果向人们展示了即便功能尚未确定,颜色和材料依然可以作为建筑的重要因素展示出空间的魅力。

As a process and an end result, the Natural Finland project shows how essential and effective colors and materials are when telling a story… even while the story is still being written.

▼LOGO和名片均为专门设计,the logo and business card is cunstom designed

4-Natural Finland_YATOFU_12     4-Natural Finland_YATOFU_13


3-Natural Finland_YATOFU_09     2-Natural Finland_YATOFU_11-1     2-Natural Finland_YATOFU_11-2

▼根据需求可以改变平面布局,spateal arrangement could be changed according to requirements

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Client: E-Fala
Design team: YATOFU Creatives
Photography: Esa Kapila

Drawings: YATOFU Creatives
English text: YATOFU Creatives
Chinese text: gooood

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