Nagoya Courthouse by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Japanese style quadrangle dwellings with central garden courtyard

Project Specs


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The site is located approximately 1 km west of Nagoya castle and in the neighborhood there are 2 story houses as well as high rise apartments over 10 stories high. Summer in Nagoya is very hot.When a downpour occurs water can rise over 50 cm above street level. Taking these matters into account we have designed a serene and comfortable house for a family of three (husband/wife and child).

▼住宅概览以及周边环境,overview of the house and its surroundings


▼住宅鸟瞰,aerial view

▼设计团队将面向庭院的玻璃和屋顶线条都打造成凹进凸出的形式,the line of the glass facing the courtyard and the line of the roof cave in and protrude

Taking advantage of the large site we have designed a single level court house surrounding a courtyard garden. However if we make it just a court house the outline of the sky is too distinct and from the surrounding high rise apartments you are able to see inside. Therefore we had the line of the glass facing the courtyard and the line of the roof cave in and protrude and the line of the glass, eaves and dirt floor intersect at the inside/outside boundary in a plane format. This diverse area as well as having a role of controlling the line of sight and shutting out direct sunlight in summer it creates a living space where inside, half outside and outside produce a variety of living scenes.

▼带中央花园的单层庭院住宅,a single level court house surrounding a courtyard garden

▼庭院概览,overview of the courtyard

▼由室外向室内过度的“半室外”空间,the transition from outdoor to indoor “semi-outdoor” space

▼从半室外空间看花园,view of garden from semi-outdoor space

▼从活动室看向花园,view the garden from the activity room


▼住宅外墙采用了粗糙的平面线条元素,the exterior walls of the house have rough flat line elements

▼地面高度比前街高出75厘米,以保证暴雨来袭时能够采取相应的安全措施,the height of the floor is made 75cm higher than the front street for safety measure in case of a downpour

The height of the floor is made 75cm higher than the front street for safety measure in case of a downpour. We have used diatom earth for the inside wall as much as possible so that you can feel the naturalness of the dirt. The outer wall was created with plane lines of roughness and planted a tree in the small outer garden so that you will be able to see the leaves outside form the small window.

▼花园周围的多扇玻璃落地窗为室内空间带来大量光照,multiple glass Windows around the garden provide plenty of light to the interior space

▼开放式厨房和餐厅,the open kitchen and dining space

▼宽敞明亮的起居空间,spacious and bright living space


▼有屋檐遮蔽的室外平台,an outdoor terrace shaded by eaves

▼走廊区域,the corridor area

▼半室外空间,semi-outdoor space

▼室内区域入口,the entrance of the interior area


In addition, due to the window at the courtyard side and the small window at the small outer garden side the whole house has natural air flowing through thereby making it livable even in the hot summer of Nagoya. The footpath made of earth mortar in the garden courtyard creates a shortcut access path and both inside and outside were planned to play a main role with daily life, vegetable garden life and garden life coming together.

▼夜幕下的住宅和庭院,at night

▼选址平面,site plan




Name of the project:Court House in Nagoya
Exact definition of the building:a couple and 3 children (boys & girl)
Location of the project:Nagoya city, Aichi , JAPAN
Construction nature:wooden-structure
Site:470.60 m2
Building area:233.84 m2
Floor area ratio:187.67 m2
Building height:5746 mm
No. of floors:1F
Building function:house
Planning data
Design:September 2014 – March 2015
Planning start (M/Y):September 2013
Beginning of construction:March 2014
Completion:September 2014

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