Musa Brewery by Paulo Moreira Architectures

A formerly vacant warehouse transformed into a pub with its own brewery

Project Specs


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▼酒厂外观,an external view of the brewery

The district of Marvila, in the eastern part of Lisbon, is undergoing a process of transformation. Following decades of gradual abandonment due to the deindustrialisation of the city, this is one of the Portuguese capital’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods, with trendy shops, cafes, art galleries, co-working spaces, lofts, etc. A formerly vacant warehouse was brought back to life with a new industrial endeavour: the Musa Brewery. It is not yet known how long the factory will be able to remain on the site, as the ‘threat’ of a real estate project hangs in the air. This uncertainty called for a minimal, cost-effective intervention.

▼酒厂室内,internal views of the brewery


The project consists of a factory, tap room and technical areas. In the factory, attempts were made to efficiently accommodate the necessary technical equipment for beer production, following stringent rules and regulations. The service areas were accommodated in a new volume made of painted cement blocks and raw concrete, located in the transition between the factory and tap room. The tap room explored the idea of craftsmanship, and the same degree of attention was paid both to the overall result and the small details. The project aims to balance the industrial character of the original building with the creation of a laidback atmosphere for gatherings around music listening and beer drinking.

▼室内融合了旧建筑的工业特色,the industrial character of the original building is integrated in the interior

▼二层就座区域,seats on the upper level

▼设备区域,technical areas

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan



architecture: paulo moreira architectures
team: Paulo Moreira, Sarah Biffa, Adéla Krízková, Radka Domcíková, Nikolas Debrawer, Ambra Migliorisi, Emanuel Falappa, María Peña, Sofia Sousa Santos, Matteo Vianello, Caterina Barbon, Mariagiulia Pistonese, Andrea Ferro
client: Cerveja Independente Musa, Lda.
engineering project coordination: Easy Open
contractor: Construções Casimiro
built area: 400 m2
date: 2017
photography: Valter Vinagre

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