Mountain House of Lew, China by Lew Joeson

Creating a close relationship between man and nature which have never been seen in a traditional residence

Project Specs


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▼视频,video ©刘九三

The house is rebuilt on my family’s old house site, on the front-side of a quadrangle embosomed by mountains. Dad have been left here for work for decades, and decided to rebuild the house two years ago, as a long stay place for grandma, and temporary residence for relatives and friends (about 30 people during spring festival).

▼山舍鸟瞰,aerial view ©E-Jay 张毅杰 


Not only basic life demands should be supplied, but also two requirements are emphasized by dad: 1.Classy outlook comparing nearby; 2. Plenty of terrace spaces to receive neighbors. I got the idea that the house should get close to nature, and noticed some drama in humanity: men hope a cut above others, simultaneously intimacy with them.

▼一系列朝向景观的露台,a series of terrace spaces facing the surrounding landscape ©E-Jay 张毅杰 


In architecture respect, this project should deal with three problems as well as basic function requirements:
1. What posture should the building be to respond dad’s dual character of demands?
2. How to balance the relationship between the new building’s big volume and the old courtyard’s small scale?
3. How to connect the nature environment surrounds the site?

▼生成分析,massing process ©刘九三


▼场地平面图,site plan ©刘九三

▼单坡屋面鸟瞰,aerial view to the roof ©E-Jay 张毅杰 

▼室外路径,outdoor access ©王崇

▼整体鸟瞰,overall view ©E-Jay 张毅杰 

At last the design coordinates the huge outlook and the small courtyard, with a pent-roof from the yard side up to the front side; in front of the building, several plain stage in different height adjust the land form, constructing territory like bounding wall, simultaneously staying an friendly gesture for neighbors; an outdoor path connects the stages, being an open spatial sequence; the path connects indoor space of every floor through entrance guard,, making every level attaches the earth, creating a close relationship between man and nature which have never been seen in a traditional residence.

▼露台,terrace ©王崇

▼阶梯状体量,the terraced volume ©王崇

▼走廊灯光,corridor light ©王崇


Unattainable, as well as sending a man to a view who never seen, a mountain is of dual character. The architecture finally constructs an experience as climbing: unattainable-winding path leads to quiet seclusion- opening up. With multivariate “mountain”, meets man’s complicated needs, blends into the nature around.

▼户外平台,outdoor terrace ©王崇

▼进入客厅的走廊,entry hall leading to the living area ©王崇

▼客厅,living room ©王崇

▼客厅二层视野,view from the second floor above the living room ©王崇

▼室内细部,interior view ©王崇

▼卧室,bedroom ©王崇

▼院落景观,patio view ©王崇

▼眺望山景,mountain viewing ©王崇

▼茶桌,tea table ©王崇

▼休闲空间,seating area ©王崇

▼登山般的体验,an experience as climbing ©王崇

▼刘家山舍鸟瞰,aerial view to the house ©E-Jay 张毅杰 

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©刘九三

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©刘九三

▼屋顶和地下一层平面图,roof plan and basement floor plan ©刘九三

▼剖面图,sections ©刘九三

项目设计 & 完成年份:01/10/2019

Project name: Mountain House of Lew
Design: Lew Joeson(Individual)
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year: Oct.2019
Leader designer & Team: Lew Joeson
Project location: He chuan Distrit ,Chongqing City,China
Gross Built Area (square meters): 330㎡
Photo credits: E-Jay(6 Aerial photos),Wang Chong (All others)
Partners Liu Zhi (Structure)
Clients: Lew Bing(Individual)


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