Moscow apartment by Nicolas Dahan

The waving lines and the mineral essence.

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法国设计师Nicolas Dahan近期完成了一间公寓的装修改造。该公寓位于俄罗斯首都莫斯科,包括上下两层共450平方米居住面积。公寓的每一处角落包括圆滑的曲线和边缘设计,从大理市、木材、彩色玻璃,到清漆和各种柔和涂料的使用,无不精细考究。即便是天花板照明也展现出艺术感。将照明系统隐藏在天花板纹理内,光线伴随着天花板律动,如自然光般清澈和自如。

Exclusively made-to-measure, the French architect Nicolas Dahan signs an impressive display of design integrated within a 450m2 two-story apartment. A secret is shared with every footstep taken; curves and edges slide towards each other, disappearing into worlds of varnish, marble, wood, coloured mirrors and pastel. An inestimable residence where the ceiling is a luminous work of art itself: an incandescent surface evading all signs of light source, enhancing its own beauty with a filter of natural light.

▼客厅,living room

“150平方米的天花板系统整合了起居室、入口和厨房空间,其律动的形态为空间增色不少。我将一系列如海岸波纹的形态,打破原本极简的装饰风格,让居住空间别具一格。一眼望去,天花板如同一整块连续的波动平面,而事实上它由100片1,2m x 1,2m的由石膏制成的建筑石材拼接而成。经过三个月的打磨,这些天花板片材都已经非常平滑。”Nicolas Dahan描述道。设计师将LED照明系统嵌入天花板的波纹内,并在其上覆盖铝板营造柔和的室内光线。

“The 150m2 ceiling, unifying and distributing the spaces of the living room, the entrance and the kitchen, is a performance in its own right. I drew a very soft undulation, similar to that of a beach rippled by waves, disrupting the apartment’s minimalism so as to determine the living spaces. It appears as a single unbroken surface, whereas it required over 100 slabs of 1,2m x 1,2m staff (a building stone made from plaster) assembled within the apartment and then sanded down during three months in order to achieve this perfectly smooth surface” describes Nicolas Dahan. Ripples within which a series of made to measure amber LED tubes embed themselves, fitted with aluminium filters to render a softer light.

▼如海岸波纹的天花板形态打破原本极简的装饰风格,a very soft undulation disrupting the apartment’s minimalism so as to determine the living spaces

▼将LED照明系统嵌入天花板的波纹内,LED tubes embed into the ceiling features



天花板的设计也说明了设计师在整间公寓的细节设计上都下足了功夫。譬如说一扇3m x 3m的滑动木门将厨房与其他空间隔离,而其流畅的地面滑动系统令小朋友可以用一只手轻易推动。源自意大利进口的高品质材质如大理石、镜面、木地板让莫斯科公寓更显高贵。精心的细节设计和隐藏的空间运作系统无不展现出设计师对材料的极致追求。

The ceiling is emblematic of the attention to detail brought to the entirety of this carefully sculpted apartment, as is the immense varnished wooden sliding door (3m x 3m), which closes off the kitchen and can be drawn open by the single hand of a child. Italian savoir-faire is applied to all of the materials: marble, mirrors, wooden flooring from Padou shipped to and fitted in Moscow “for the perfection of details, an utter invisibility of systems and the highlighting of materials” explains the architect.

▼滑动门隔离厨房空间,the sliding door sets the kitchen apart



The maple flooring assembles the smallest available boards in order to create a unified and smooth wooden mass, a floor more than a parquet, it becomes a surface upon which light glides. Large mineral volumes give shape to the main functionalities of the apartment: Cipolino stone in the entrance hall forms the huge reception bench, black marble from Carrare establishes the 10m long kitchen counter, grey marble from Carrare walls the hammam and the three main bathrooms which perfectly interlock, as if they were sculpted from one single massive stone. Each element, each function, has been conceived and drawn by the French architect so as to create the purest of settings.

▼云母大理石铺设出入口长椅,Cipolino stone in the entrance hall forms the huge reception bench

▼卡拉拉大理石营造的浴室空间, marble from Carrare walls the hammam and the three main bathrooms


The red and blue mirrors of the bedrooms and dressing room diffuse the mineral essence of the residence, but are immediately softened by the rhythm of Kvadrat woven textiles hung in front of each window and used as a separator creating a home cinema in the living room. As for the dining room, it has been set up under an especially redesigned rotunda, a 7m high shell, varnished in pastel blue. It is a reception room reflecting the grandeur of the apartment, which holds 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a hammam, a gym, a living room, a kitchen, and a flat for domestic staff, the whole spread out upon over 450m2.

▼窗帘柔化了空间氛围,the rhythm of Kvadrat woven textiles soften the sense of living space

▼餐厅,dining room

▼餐厅坐落在7米高圆形蓝色穹顶之下,dining room is set up under a 7m high blue shell

▼卧室和衣帽间的红蓝玻璃营造出冰冷硬朗的空间感,the red and blue mirrors of the bedrooms and dressing room diffuse the mineral essence of the residence

▼下层平面图,the lower floor

▼上层平面图,the upper floor

Electrical appliances Gaggenau
Switches Arte de Arnoult
Bathroom fittings Vola
Bathroom fittings Hangsrohe Axor Citterio
Armchair Glas Italia de ToKujin Yoshokia
Sofa Edra Essential de Francesco Binfaré
Coffee table Cassina 520 Acordo de Charlotte Perriand
Table De Salto de Tokujin Yoshioka
Chairs Cassina Tula de Kazuhide Takahama 

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