Moonee Ponds Strategic Opportunities Plan by McGregor Coxall

Reimagine Moonee Ponds Creek as a thriving creek corridor that supports the liveability and resilience of the city

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Moonee Ponds Creek沿岸区域规划草案是由McGregor Coxall设计团队、Wave咨询公司、墨尔本市政以及城市规划部门(Victorian Planning Authority,简称 VPA)共同合作的项目。设计团队将Moonee Ponds Creek作为研究对象重新进行规划,旨在将其打造为蓬勃发展的开放走廊,为多种生命形式提供保障,同时提高城市的恢复力、适应力和宜居程度。

In collaboration with Wave consulting, the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Planning Authority, McGregor Coxall led an investigation to reimagine Moonee Ponds Creek as a thriving open space corridor supporting a diversity of life forms, fundamental to the strength, resilience and liveability of the city.

▼Moonee Ponds Creek区位示意图,Moonee Ponds Creek site catchment

▼场地区位规划,masterplan vision

到2040年,墨尔本市的人口预计将会增加一倍。随着城市高速发展,生态环境的基础建设对于缓解城市压力以及为社区提供舒适的生活尤为重要。 Moonee Ponds Creek沿岸区域规划草案是站在公民的角度对城市更新的研究,倡导有利于环境可持续化的基础设施建设以及Moonee Ponds Creek沿岸公共空间的开发。

By 2040 the City of Melbourne’s population is projected to double. As urban development accelerates, high performance green and blue infrastructure will be critical in alleviating pressure on the city whilst providing amenity for expanding communities. The Moonee Ponds Creek Strategic Opportunities Plan is a civic minded urban renewal study that advocates environmentally sustainable infrastructure and open space initiatives along Melbourne’s most significant creek corridor.

▼水域历史地图,historical mapping of the ephemeral

▼河道现状,existing conditions of the creek


The vision encourages social and ecological interaction with the foreshore through creek naturalisation. Northwest Melbourne was once characterised by winding wetlands that would swell into fast flowing watercourses during heavy rain. As the city densified the ponds were replaced and disengaged from surrounding communities. Permeating surrounding communities these restored ecological systems will provide a chain of parks and wetlands, transforming the existing dead space that currently separates the creek from the urban fabric of the city.

▼macauley公园规划平面图,macauley park future plan

▼macauley公园鸟瞰效果图,macauley park bird’s eye view rendering


Integrating design and policy, the opportunities plan seeks to change our relationship and perception of water. As an advocacy document it is the first step in enabling the City of Melbourne and VPA to present a unified strategic vision that can be developed into a business case and deployed over time.

▼egate湿地规划平面图 ,egate wetland future plan

▼egate湿地鸟瞰效果图,egate wetland bird’s eye view rendering


Stretching from Brunswick Road to Docklands the study creates an innovative framework to open dialogue with land owners and key stakeholders to guide future development. The City of Melbourne oversaw the recently concluded public exhibition and consultation period. The next stage in the project will be to develop an implementation plan which is to be led by the Victoria Planning Authority. The VPA will now evaluate costing for high priority areas with recommendations anticipated later in the year.

▼规划策略示意图,project strategies illustration


简要说明 | Snapshot

将Moonee Ponds Creek打造为蓬勃发展的开放走廊,从而提高城市的适应性和宜居程度,规划草案主要体现为六个目标:

Guided by the vision of Moonee Ponds Creek as a thriving creek corridor that supports the liveability and resilience of the city, the strategic opportunities are a manifestation of six key goals:
• Water Management: A resilient creek adapted to extreme weather events
• Open Space: A diverse network to support the growing needs of the city
• Biodiversity: A healthy waterway and thriving ecosystem
• Movement: A highly accessible and connected creek corridor
• History & Culture: A celebrated past and shared vision for the future
• Collaborative Governance: Advocacy for transformational change

▼干预措施示意图,levee intervention options


引述 | Quotes

项目负责人,Christian Borchert表示:“该草案将水域设计和管理向结合,旨在改变我们与水的关系和观念。它阐释了我们在面对洪水侵袭的同时,如何通过土地用途转型,水域协作治理以及动态解决方案制定等措施,将河流转变为更具适应力和可持续性的生态走廊。”

Project Director, Christian Borchert:
“As an integrated water design and management plan, the vision seeks to change our relationship and perception of water. The plan looks at how we accept inherent challenges such as flooding, to transform the creek into a more resilient and sustainable corridor through alternative land use, catchment-wide collaborative governance and dynamic design solutions.”

▼egate湿地效果图,egate wetlands renderings

▼城市景观效果图,urban incubator renderings

墨尔本市政议员Cathy Oke,环境组委会主席表示:“Moonee Ponds Creek的下游将成为大墨尔本地区最发达的地段之一。我们将该草案作为一种宣传方式,将社区和这条河流重新连接。它阐述了如何增加生物多样性,减轻洪水影响,创造新自行车道等娱乐空间的想法。多年来,Moonee Ponds Creek受到工业及基础设施的负面影响。该草案设定了修复河流的愿景,并倡导一系列项目计划的实施,以提高其生态、经济及娱乐价值。”

City of Melbourne Councillor Cathy Oke, Chair of the Environment portfolio:
“The lower reaches of Moonee Ponds Creek are set to become some of the most intensely developed parts of Greater Melbourne. We’re considering this plan as an advocacy tool to reconnect the community to this vital waterway. The plan outlines ideas for increased biodiversity, mitigating the impacts of flooding, creating new bike paths and more space for recreation. Moonee Ponds Creek has been negatively impacted over many years by industry and infrastructure. This plan sets a vision to rehabilitate the creek and advocate for the delivery of a series of projects to increase its ecological, economic and recreational value.”

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▼洪水天气效果图,flood mode renderings

Project Client: City of Melbourne
Project Name: Moonee Ponds Strategic Opportunities Plan
Aboriginal Nation: Kulin Nation.
Sub consultants: Wave Consulting
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