Moody Mooncake Pavilion, China by WAY Studio

A moonlit lotus pond

Project Specs


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未/WAY Studio受moody品牌所托,打造他们今年款月饼的快闪月饼馆—Moody Mooncake Pavilion。荷塘月色,动静皆宜,展示月饼的艺术装置把山水人文的诗意通过放大荷叶出水时的动静引入城市环境中。

▼项目概览,project overview

WAY Studio has created an undulating pop-up installation for moody MOONCAKE, exhibiting their newest collection of mooncakes from this year and last. The concept for moody MOONCAKE’s collection this year is that of a moonlit lotus pond. The installation transforms this Chinese ideology into an abstract spatial composition. The poetics of mountains and rivers are brought into this urban environment. The installation, like a black and white Chinese painting, or like the rising mist of a summer pond in the dawn of day, mimics the undulation of water as lotuses’ rising disrupts its surface – capturing stillness in motion.

▼通透抽象的山水人文诗意于城市环境之中,Abstraction of this Chinese ideology within the urban environment

▼外低内高,形成聚拢迎人的空间,From out to in, from low to high, drawing people in

▼商场地面中的虚影如水中倒影,the installation reflected in the polished ground of the mall mimics one’s reflection in a lotus pond


▼三个空间分别为今年“荷月饼”展示、去年的“好月饼”展示,品尝售卖交流空间,clockwise front left to right: “lotus pond” collection display, geometric collection display, tasting and sales area

The pavilion is located in the south entrance of Jing’an Kerry Center North, Shanghai. The installation sits low on all sides and rises in the middle, drawing in visitors. Three separate spaces display this year’s “lotus pond” collection, last year’s geometric collection, and a bar area for tasting and sales. Three entrances, placed strategically along the mall’s circulation, draws in visitors into the central area of the installation where you can interact with the screen or take photographs. The translucent waveform partitions provide clear zoning for each function yet at the same time allow for open display to all sides.

▼中间形成的互动拍摄空间,circulation threads through the center also forming a central play and photography area

▼通透的装置立面,translucent installation walls

▼光影交合透过两层屏风打落在白色地面上,light filters through the screen walls of the installation and creates a performance of shadows on the ground

硅胶材质的绳索,如竖琴一般,小朋友们脑洞大开乐此不疲的拨动“琴弦”。两层屏风,在光影交合以及人的流动当中形成变化。纯白色的装置,在商场中繁琐的色彩中突出,也衬托了月饼精致的元素。托盘的设计在不同的月饼款式上进行了区别,通过层层叠叠的“荷叶”从“一池静水”中“生长”出来,更强调了这个“出淤泥的动静”。moody MOONCAKE 月饼馆位于上海静安嘉里中心北区南门内,并开放至9月13日。

Strings made of silicon are strung through undulating metal pipes, inventive public “play” the installation like a harpsichord. Two layers of string create a mirage effect as light, shadow, and viewers pass through. The pure white installation stands out amidst the festival of colors within the mall, and acts as a back drop for the delicate features within the mooncake design. The absolute whiteness is also an extension of lotus flowers’ symbolization of purity in Chinese ideology, as lotuses are made more magnificent by the contrast to their muddy environment. Two different sets of displays were designed specifically for each collection. For the newest collection, layers of “lotus leafs” grows in “still water”. The pop-up installation will be open at Jing’an Kerry Center till September 13th.

▼层层叠叠的荷叶形成展示托盘,lotus leaf shaped display platforms mimics its natural layers

▼荷叶托盘细部,lotus leaf shaped platforms details

▼藕、荷/莲花、荷叶、月、莲蓬错落在荷叶造型的托盘上,lotus root, seed, flower, leaf, and the moon, as displayed

▼错落有致的托盘,由“水中”生长,growing out of a “reflective pond”

▼圆形托盘展示去年几何款,circular platforms for the display of last year’s geometric collection

▼东侧立面图,east elevation

▼立面展开图,unrolled elevation

▼托盘图纸,display platform drawings

客户:moody MOONCAKE

Client: moody MOONCAKE
Location: Kerry Center, Shanghai, P.R.China
Area: 60sqm
Height: 3.54m
Design Team: Zheng Tao, Fernie Lai, Alan Hung, Zhang ZeQun, Li XuDong
Photography: Tian FangFang

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