“Miracle of life” Art Collection Exhibition of Taikang Insurance Group, China by Jí architects

Flow between the “interior” and “exterior” parts

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亼建筑(Jí Architects)在泰康空间的委托下,为 “生命惊奇:泰康保险集团25周年艺术收藏展”设计了展览空间。空间位于嘉德艺术中心地下一层,原本是两个500平米和800平米的拍卖厅,中间有狭窄门洞将两个空间连接,原有建筑内装和灯光不具备布展条件。策展团队对展览空间有严格的标准,希望我们将其改造成若干满足标准的白色矩形空间以便于布置展品,并且需要在9天内完成全部搭建和展览布置。

Entrusted by Taikang Space, Jí Architects has designed the exhibition space for “Miracle of Life: Art Collection Exhibition for Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Taikang Insurance Group.” Located on the B1 floor of the Guardian Art Center, the space was composed of two previous auction halls covering 500 square meters and 800 square meters respectively. The two parts of the space were connected by a narrow doorway, and the interior decoration and lighting were not suitable for exhibitions. Following strict standards of exhibition space, the curation team hopes that we can transform the space into several white rectangular sections that serve the arrangement of exhibits,and it is necessary to complete all the construction and exhibition layout within 9 days.

▼空间概览,preview ©王洪跃


We put thirteen square boxes of different sizes and heights in the large space and connect them in series using a clear one-way flow for visitors. The boxes are connected to each other while feature some independence like islands floating on the water, with each island having a relatively independent theme. Jí Architects aims to break the grid layout of conventional exhibition space and endow the “interior” and “exterior” parts of the space with two types of states.

▼设计理念,design concept ©亼建筑

“里”是展览空间,白色展墙黑色地面,大面积明亮的软膜天花消除了每一片阴影。“外”是公共空间和夹缝空间,在此可以感受到原始建筑复杂的空间状态,同时呈现展墙建造的逻辑,地面采用“生命惊奇” 的主题紫色,与展览空间形成强烈对比。观展的过程就是在“里外”之间穿行的过程,里外之间的视觉缓冲空间,让参观过程具有了呼吸感和节奏感。

The “interior” part is designed as the space for exhibition with white exhibition contrasting the black floor. The vast area of bright stretch ceiling eliminates the shadow completely. The “exterior” part holds the public space and narrow gap space where you can feel the complexity in the space arrangement of the original architecture. The “exterior” part also shows the logic in the construction of the exhibition wall. The purple theme color of “Miracle of Life” is adopted by the floor, forming an intense contrast with the exhibition space. When visitors view the exhibition, they experience the flow between the “interior” and “exterior” parts, while the visual buffer space between the two parts provides a pleasant contrast and rhythmic dimensions.

▼展厅入口区域,entrance area ©王洪跃

▼“里”:展览空间,”interior”: exhibition space ©王洪跃

▼由展览空间望向夹缝空间,gap space from exhibition space ©王洪跃

▼“外”:夹缝空间,”exterior”: gap space ©王洪跃

▼夹缝细部,details ©王洪跃


The lighting of the original architecture is turned to the dim-light mode to reduce the influence on the exhibition hall. A double-layer luminous DuPont paper box is put inside each of the two relatively large public spaces, serving as a special point in visitors’ flow, to avoid the monotonous feeling of the space brought by the boxes made of the same material. The audience thus will experience a moment of being “pulled away” – when the audience are inside, they feel immersed in the exhibition; however, the moment they step out, they realize that they were just in a temporary box and that everything is transient and beyond reality.

▼公共空间中置入双层发光杜邦纸盒子,the double-layer luminous DuPont paper box is put inside the public space ©王洪跃

▼公共休息空间及贵宾休息室,public space and VIP room ©王洪跃

▼出口空间,exit space ©王洪跃

▼平面图,plan ©亼建筑

▼剖面图,section ©亼建筑


Project Name: “Miracle of life” Art Collection Exhibition of Taikang Insurance Group
Project Type: Exhibition Space Design
Client: TaiKang Space
Project Area: 1400㎡
Design Year: 2021.7
Completion Year: 2021.8
Designer: Lu Wenhui, Li Jieran
Email: J_Architect@126.com
Graphic Design: co-Design
Construction: WTS
Photography: Wang Hongyue

More: 亼建筑(联系邮箱:J_Architect@126.com)   更多关于他们:Jí architect on gooood

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