Minakuchi House by HEARTH ARCHITECTS

Sunshine and rain nourish the seasons

Project Specs


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The land is 7 meters wide in north and south 36 meters deep in east and west.   It’s a strip of land.   However, the clients hope simple layout and they’re paticular about the link of inside and outside in south where we can get light.

▼建筑外观,external view of the house © Yuta Yamada

▼入口区域,entrance of the house © Yuta Yamada


▼入户庭院,the courtyard © Yuta Yamada

▼庭院细部,the courtyard details © Yuta Yamada

So I pull the house to north and I made simple long and narrow layout. Besides, I made an inner court in south. I imitate fna-ishi  and useless small trees by limple against a backdrop of RC wall by circular wooden. It’s like a picture when we see inside of the house. The clients can enjoy the change of time and seasons inside of house.   Because the house is like a picture which adopt nature well.

▼从起居空间看向庭院,view from the living area to the courtyard © Yuta Yamada

▼起居空间,the living area © Yuta Yamada

▼空间细部,details © Yuta Yamada

▼场地布局,layout © HEARTH ARCHITECTS

▼一二层平面,first and second floor plan © HEARTH ARCHITECTS

▼立面&剖面,elevation and section © HEARTH ARCHITECTS

Construction:built of wood
Number of stories:2
Gross area:102.65㎡
Completed date:2019.9
The name of the photographer is “Yuta Yamada”

更多关于他们:HEARTH ARCHITECTS on gooood


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