MH Creative Studio in Fujian, China by Xiamen Himalaya Design & Decoration Co., Ltd.

Rejuvenate the old building by rebuilding the space.

Project Specs


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MH Creative relocates the new office to the old factory of “YUAN HE TANG”, a China Time-honored Brand in Quanzhou. When visitors come to the scene for the first time, they linger on the vicissitudes over years. Water traces are mottled on the walls. Light spots, projected by the round holes of the canopy, play hide-and-seek between the beams and columns. In an instant, an impulse is triggered so as to wake up the sleeping spatial memory, inject new vitality, and let it continue and grow.

▼改造后空间一览,overall view of the office after renovation


▼迎宾区入口空间,白色前台伸入钢制梯盒,entrance space for the visitors, the white reception bar extends into the steel staircase

▼办公区入口,entrance of the working space

The design conforms to the original spatial pattern and follows the two axes. When going up via the elevator, guest arrival axis is paved. The white rock slab countertop at the foreground extends into the steel ladder box into the sidestep. Big Kaws doll sits on the sidestep, and meditates under the background of merciful Buddha statue not far away (a masterpiece by sculptor Jiang Sheng). Pushing the steel barn door, the white rock slab continues to extend into a conference table. The light boxes, engraved on the wall, give hint on the structural logic of the mezzanine. The white boxes below light boxes are embedded in the tea table. The horizontal plate supports the glory of MH Creative for many years. Ascending step by step in the ladder box, stepping on the starlight projected from the perforated steel plate, following the steel-pipe handrails on both sides leading to the mezzanine, people can find that steel sidestep penetrates through ladder box to roll out a steel bridge, where they can overlook the composition and intersperse of spaces when leaning against the railing. On the other axis, the opening and closing of the barn door are connected with Design Department and Director’s Office. Vertical dimension is further stretched by longitudinal light box and the tube groove. The bottom bookshelf is free to rotate so that the opening and closing of the two parallel spaces radiate ritual significance. The steel bridge is connected to one end of the inner gallery through the mezzanine, while one end of the inner gallery is vaulted externally. In this way, top and bottom are in stark contrast and look interesting.

▼白色台面延伸入楼梯盒形成台阶,the white table extends into the staircase as one footstep

▼会议室的桌子与前台连成一线,table in the meeting room is continuous to the table at the entrance

▼雕像,台面和楼梯细部,detail of the sculpture, table and staircase


The space is made of perforated hot-rolled steel plate. The surface of the hot-rolled steel plate is mottled and slightly soft, which highlights the industrial properties of the old building in the past. The enclosure and stepping of the ladder box are all made of U-shaped folded plates. Light-weight perforation is used to overshadow the heavy structure. Opening and closing of the bookshelf further changes the multi-dimensional perforation superposition, which looks thick or light under ink-like artistic conception. The daylight sun travels through the circular holes in the canopy. At night, lights diffract into a fantasy. The patina on the wall is lightly polished and lightly sprayed to make the vague and dim water stains of the house. The wainscot is applied with the previous lacquer brushing process. The ground terrazzo mirrors the memory of former days.

▼空间中大量使用黑色穿孔钢板,black perforated steel plate is widely used in the space

▼穿孔钢板制成的可旋转书架,使空间更为灵活多变,rotatable shelves made of perforated steel plate make the space more flexible

▼从楼梯上到夹层空间,climb to the mezzanine through the staircase

▼穿孔钢板制成的楼梯细部,details of the staircase made of perforated steel plate

▼夹层使用波形板围合,the mezzanine is enclosed by corrugated plate

▼从夹层俯瞰下层空间,view of the lower floor from the mezzanine

▼从夹层挑台望向设计桌的长向灯槽,光或吊杆从灯槽上的散热孔穿出,from the mezzanine vault to the longitudinal lamp trough of design table, light or suspender passes through the cooling holes on the lamp chamfer.

▼夹层空间,space in the mezzanine


The designer expects to re-architect the space and infuse new design elements in order to rejuvenate the old building.

▼总监室,穿孔钢板书柜成轴线的聚焦,Director’s Office, perforated steel bookcase becomes a focus along the axis.


▼谷仓门套脱离后,标识串连其间,侧光将阴影投射于墙上,after the barn door cover is detached, the logos are connected in series, and sidelight projects the shadow on the wall

▼下层平面图,plan of the lower floor

▼夹层平面图,plan of the mezzanine

项目地点:福建 泉州
空间摄影:SHEN PHOTO,许晓东

Project Name : MH Creative Studio
Project Site: Quanzhou, Fujian
Project Area: 280 ㎡
Design Company: Xiamen Himalaya Design & Decoration Co., Ltd.
Leader Designer: Roy Hu
Design Team: Jinning Zeng
Space Photography: SHEN PHOTO, Xiaodong Xu
Design Year: August 2017
Complete Year: September 2018

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