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从事清洁能源领域法律咨询的顾问公司Meister Group邀请KVA为其在美国的总部设计了一个低能耗的办公室。设计师摒弃了办公空间常用的建筑材料,重新定义了法律公司的空间组织模式。从材料、基础设施到家具,KVA的设计完全颠覆了建筑行业高碳排放的传统,提供了一个实用、灵活且效果明显的环保型替代方案。

通过对设计、管理和施工的统一整合,KVA Matx的设计将可以在Meister欧洲,亚洲和南美洲的办公室实现。不同区域的办公室将选用当地原料,由当地的小型施工方进行加工和建造,拉动当地经济和技术的发展。这种分散式的产业模式将大大降低材料在运输过程中的碳排放量,经济而环保。


KVA’s design creates a new low carbon workplace for the United States Headquarters of the Meister Group, a leading global Clean Energy Law Consultancy. The project challenges the normative material culture of the workplace and redefines the spatial organization of the Law Office typology, its material palette, its infrastructure and furniture and offers a fresh alternative to conventional carbon intensive construction industry practices that is immediately practicable, impactful and scalable.

By integrating interdisciplinary design, project management, and the construction capabilities of online digital fabrication networks KVA Matx created a Meister workplace design that can be constructed locally in three global regions where the company works–Europe, Asia and North America. This allows locally sourced materials to be manufactured in local workshops, by small-scale contractors—growing local economies and skill sets. This distributed, clean manufacturing model offers very significant carbon savings by the elimination the global shipping and transportation system.

KVA’s Meister Headquarters project demonstrates that the design of extreme material and carbon reductions can enhance a global corporate identity and create a surprising new intensity of spatial experience. The pilot project for the Meister group is located in the Boston Government Centre Plaza Building, a modern concrete slab structure, built in 1961.


workstation_straight on_final     workstation_blue detail_final


The design creates an “elastic” floor plan that provides private work and collaboration spaces. The design eliminates the cubical, maximizes shared public space and “compresses” the typical private corporate office into a zone of shared mini conference rooms that provide acoustic privacy for confidential calls. Real time scheduling makes private space use available and convenient for all. This radically reduces the use of interior partitions, gypsum drywall and associated construction materials. A glazed conference room admits daylight and expands the adjacent café space for public events and education seminars on clean energy.

▽ 开放的办公空间,open office

workstation_side_final     Workstation_triple desk_final

▽ 透明的大会议室,glazed conference room

KVA_MEISTER_CONFERENCE_TABLE_SIDE     conference toward entry_final

▽ 开放型休息/集会空间,café space for public events

Cafe table_random assembly2_final     cafe table_window1_final

▽ 平面图,plan

15_0708 Plan Expansion Study Final


The design creates a strong aesthetic character with only two primary interior material finishes: Zero VOC paint and sustainably harvested plywood. At the clients’ request, KVA Matx designed and developed the Meister Möbellinie: a sustainable new line of acoustic plywood panels and modular office furniture that support flexible and collaborative office practices. The design team used in-house rapid prototyping and fabrication feed back to design simple, efficient CNC milling techniques for standard FCS plywood and 100% organic finishes. Material waste was greatly reduced, maximizing resources. A single blue tension strap provides structural integrity without the use of glue or hardware so that the Meister Line furniture can be single stream recycled at end of life. Design for “pop up” furniture assembly and takedown allows for the future expansion and/or relocation of the Meister offices.

▽ 统一设计/当地组装建设模式,Diagram of Meister’s global design/local manufacturing process

15_1109 Meister production diagram-01 副本

▽ 家具组装示意图,Flat to form assembly axon

cafe table assembley diagram

workbench assembley diagram

table assembley diagram 副本

▽ 家具制造过程,in-house furniture manufacturing process

15_1109 Meister production diagram-01 2

▽ 家具细部,detail



The design makes minimizes heating and cooling loads and provides daylight autonomy in all workspaces achieving a 30% reduction in Lighting Power Density (Watts/sf) beyond ASHRAE standards. An overhead infrastructure of power/data drops was created to reduce extensive cable installation and electrical wiring, increase workplace flexibility and minimize costs, materials and carbon emissions. The Meister electrical and wireless network drops are easily accessible and flexible. They have significantly diminished office wide use of paper, paper waste and associated embodied energy. The new elastic floor plan needs only one HVAC return, which reduces costs in the “turnkey” office lease structure and provides an increase in usable ceiling height. Instead of a conventional dropped ceiling, KVA designed CNC milled plywood wall panels to improve acoustics, sequester carbon and reveal the subtle colour patterns of wood lamination layers.

▽ KVA设计的复合木板肌理,Plywood wall panels modulate acoustics

pod_final edit

▽ KVA设计的复合木板肌理,Plywood wall panels modulate acoustics

Panel_26                  Panel_25

▽ 木板肌理设计,Diagram of the excavated topography

15_0721 Panel Topography CLOSE 副本

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