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King Street West位于多伦多中心商业区高大的塔楼和西南侧的低矮的居民区之间,起伏的天际线如实地反映着城市的发展状况。在基地北侧、西南侧和东南侧不远的地方分别是三个建于上世纪的社区公园,这将为基地带来大量的通过性人流。BIG和Westbank的设计方案包括一个商住混合的建筑和其环绕的开放式广场。落成后的建筑会成为这片街区的新中心,来自不同方向的人流将在这里穿行、停留、相遇。

King Street West is set in a transitional area of Toronto. From the tall towers of the Central Business District to the East, to the low-rise neighborhoods in the Northwest, the skyline is a mark of the city’s progress. Located at the meeting point of three 20th century neighborhood parks, BIG and Westbank propose a mixed use development with a public plaza that will create a new center for the community while connecting the various pedestrian pathways that crisscross the area.




The building is organized as a traditional perimeter block with a public plaza in the center. The plaza itself is defined by two distinct atmospheres: a lushly landscaped forest paired next to an urban, hardscaped court. The resulting balance between these perceived opposites is a reflection of Toronto’s current state of rapid redevelopment: the union of old and new, an open community atmosphere in an intimate setting, calming green scenery within a bustling urban context.

king4_original     king5_original





Surrounding the plaza, King Street West rises as sets of pixels extruded upwards to create space for housing, retail and boutique offices—avoiding the footprints of heritage buildings that already exist on the site.

Each pixel is set at the size of a room; rotated 45 degrees from the street grid to increase exposure to light and air. At the base, pixels lift to provide 24/7 access across the courtyard, while the roof surface is manipulated to allow sunlight to penetrate the entire building, creating space for green terraces attached to each unit.

The resulting undulating façade is a connective topography—allowing increased circulation through the neighborhood while creating an abundance of green space normally reserved for the suburbs.

king6_original     king7_original

king8_original     king9_original

king10_original     king11_original






BIG的创始人Bjarke Ingels告诉gooood:“一成不变的建筑与大城市包罗万象的国际化背景是不相符的,而多伦多恰恰充斥着千篇一律的塔楼和居民楼。我们希望通过King Street West来探讨一种新的建筑形式。我们从萨夫迪革新性的理论中提取了一些元素,并尝试将它们在城市的中心区域付诸实践。”

“With King Street West, we wanted to find an alternative to the tower and podium you see a lot of in Toronto and revisit some of Safdie’s revolutionary ideas, but rather than a utopian experiment on an island, have it nested into the heart of the city. It would be strange if one of the most diverse cities in the world had the most homogenous architecture.” Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG.





Code: KING
Date: 23/02/2016
Program: Housing
Status: In Progress
Size in m2: 67355
Project type: Commission
Client: Westbank Projects Corp., Allied Development Corp.
Collaborators: Diamond Schmitt Architects, BA Group, BIG IDEAS, ERA Architects, Gladki Planning Consultants, Greenberg Consultants, Gunn Consultants, Hidi Group, LMDG, MGM Group, Nemetz & Associates, Public Work, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Location Text: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Partners in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen
Project Manager: Christopher White
Project Architect: Lucio Santos
Project Designer: Bryan Maddock
Team: Aaron Mark, Alan Tansey, Alvaro Velosa, Andreas Buettner, John Hilmes, Juan David Ramirez, Megan Ng, Ovidiu Munteanu, Terrence Chew
Project Leaders, Concept Design: Daniel Kidd, Tiago Sá
Team, Concept Design: Alvaro Velosa, Brian Rome, Chris Tron, Christian Lera, Ibrahim Salman, John Hilmes, Jakob Lange, Terrence Chew, Tore Banke

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