Matsuko Fast Food, Hangzhou by Tsutsumi and Associates

Creating spatial changes through HUNAZOKO ceiling

Project Specs


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3 stories old house on the Xihu lakeside was renovated to 2 types of Japanese Restaurant. Many tourists are usually walking around there, so that on the first floor we planned the fast food style which provides low price and keeps high rotation.

▼餐厅一层概览,overview of the first floor ©Sensor见闻影像


▼设计概念,design concept ©堤由匡建筑设计工作室

Because on the first floor of this old house its ceiling height is very low, so we can’t change the height too much. Also due to satisfy the requested programs, the shape of the space is very irregular so that it’s difficult to attract the tourist around there. Then we referred to “HUNAZOKO” ceiling that means bottom of the ship, which is usually used in the traditional Japanese house. The center line of the ceiling being raised up only a little, we can feel the extent of the space even if it’s very low ceiling height. In addition, using wide wooden colored ceiling panel alternately up and down, the tops of ceiling were connected from entrance to back of the space drawing a curve. On the wall where ceiling panels end, they directly fall down with keeping its strip design.

▼采用日本传统建筑中的船底天花,referred to “HUNAZOKO” ceiling that means bottom of the ship, which is usually used in the traditional Japanese house ©Sensor见闻影像

▼通过天花板的变化展现空间变化,creating spatial changes through ceiling ©Sensor见闻影像

▼一层用餐区,空间墙面与天花保持一体性,dining area on the first floor, wall and ceiling remain integrated ©Sensor见闻影像


In Japan, the narrow and long room is called as “eel’s bed room”. Later this restaurant started to provide eel food, so this space design like a “eel’s bed room” matched with the provided food unexpectedly.

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing ©堤由匡建筑设计工作室

▼一层平面,plan of the first floor ©堤由匡建筑设计工作室

▼剖面,sections ©堤由匡建筑设计工作室

室内设计:堤由匡建筑设计工作室 (堤由匡、洪秀秀、罗帅鹏、※彭瑶君,※张斯朗) ※实习生
照明设计:Ljus Design  (石冈真己子)

Interiors designers:Tsutsumi and Associates(Yoshimasa Tsutsumi、Xiuxiu Hong、Shuaipeng Luo※Yaojun Peng ※Silang Zhang) ※intern
Lighting Design:Ljus Design (Makiko Ishioka )
Facility Planning:Beijing Dongzhouji Technical Consultation(Hoshiaki Ishikawa, Katsunori Takebayashi, Ryuji Yamazaki)
Construction:Hangzhou Fengyuan Zhuangshi Sheji Gongcheng Youxian Gongsi
Photographs:Sensor Images
Year:May 2020 

More:堤由匡建筑设计工作室。更多关于他们:TSUTSUMI & ASSOCIATES on gooood

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