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Crystal Series is a work inspired from nature. I was especially inspired by the sky’s beautiful and rich colors, specifically those from sunset and sunrise. As we know, the sky is non-material in its existence. I tried to express our experience of the sky as a concept of space and time that is covering us, not an optically planar one of “layers” that is simply composed of clouds, the moon, the sun and beyond.

▼水晶桌案1,Crystal Series – Console Table 1

▼水晶桌案2,Crystal Series – Console Table 2

▼水晶桌案3,Crystal Series – Console Table 3


I tried to express the overall “space” of the sky by the use of acrylic which is more transparent than glass. In order to maintain the transparency of the acrylic material I used a textile dyeing technique. Through this technique I expressed naturally combined colors of the sky. Each layer was bonded together as one big piece after being dyed. Through this process an optical illusion was created within the acrylic. The overall shape appears distorted from various viewing angles due to the reflections and refractions within the transparent surfaces. Furthermore, the dyed colors also mix in a variety of unique ways depending on the angle they are being viewed from.

▼水晶桌4,Crystal Series – Table 4

▼水晶边桌,Crystal Series – Raw Side Edition

▼材料细部,呈现出丰富的颜色组合,materials details, rich combination of colors

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