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The project has three aims: first creating a pleasant link between the port and the Citadel of Bastia, second designing a theatre of greenery, and last but not least restoring the Romieu garden.

▼景观鸟瞰,aerial view of the landscape ©Celia Uhalde


The intervention takes place in the heart of the citadel on a very steep slope, and it expresses the objective of retrieving that citadel which has become a medium for a public space development between the city and the water. From belvederes to platforms, from staircases to ramps, from gardens to squares, the project multiplies the spaces of contemplation and strolls, offering visitors the choice of sequenced routes, alternating between openings on the horizon and narrowing on the rock, the walls and the vegetation.

▼从海面看向项目,view to the project from the sea ©Celia Uhalde


Architecture stands out here as a tool for resolving and clarifying the geometries of the site, hence the adoption of a plain writing which borrows from the adjoining walls their roughness and mass.

▼项目外观,与周边建筑相融合,external view of the project being harmony with the surrounding buildings ©Celia Uhalde


The shape of the elevator is similar to a retaining wall leaning against the rocks, in continuity with the parapets of the citadel.

▼电梯靠在岩壁上,elevator leaning on the rock ©Celia Uhalde

▼上层电梯出口,access to the elevator on the upper level ©Celia Uhalde

▼观景平台,platform ©Celia Uhalde

▼平台上的绿植,greenery on the platform ©Celia Uhalde

▼阶梯状的景观,terraced landscape ©Celia Uhalde

▼从平台看向港口,view to the port from the platform ©Celia Uhalde

▼楼梯,staircase ©Celia Uhalde


Materials are at the heart of the project’ intentions. A measured and fair choice is translated in the use of aggregates extracted from the cliff for the production of a unique concrete. The material is then transfigured. Usually innocuous or industrial, concrete becomes artisanal and exceptional. In this case the “dry concrete” has a uniform gray-beige shade, and is cast in place as an architectonic cladding for all vertical and horizontal structures.

▼连接港口的景观入口,entrance to the landscape near the port ©Celia Uhalde

▼走道,粗糙的混凝土材料,passage, rough concrete material ©Celia Uhalde

▼树荫下的步道,walkway under the tree shadows ©Celia Uhalde

除了完成面和由当地Cipollino大理石和抛光片岩组成的独特集料,混凝土还采用了特殊的浇筑方法。在高度为48厘米的模板中,每隔16厘米就设置夯实基床,精密的模板使这种独特的清水混凝土呈现出带有冲压花纹的整洁外观。 混凝土的粗糙表面和色调深刻反映了基地本身的特质,并与项目所倚靠的岩壁产生关联。

This unique fare-faced concrete also has a neat and stamped look after a special care of the formwork. In addition to its finish, and being composed exclusively with the aggregates of the site (Cipollino marble + polished schist) the concrete is executed by tamping beds every 16cm on a formwork height of 48cm. Concrete with its asperities and hues, reflect thereby deeply the site and refer to the identity of the rocks on which the project leans.

▼混凝土与周边环境,concrete and the surrounding environment ©Celia Uhalde

▼混凝土与岩壁,concrete and the rock ©Celia Uhalde


The absence of transport or importation, and the ex-nihilo extraction of materials are a responsible economic choice that benefits the execution and the handwork. This anchoring of the project to the Corsican territory by its materials, its seeking of an implementation mixing know-how and long duration, testifies of a general engagement towards contemporary architecture; which is in turn articulated around the values of modesty, demanding nature, as well as social and environmental responsibilities.

▼混凝土制作施工过程,construction process of the concrete ©Buzzo Spinelli Architecture

▼区位图,location ©Buzzo Spinelli Architecture

▼总平面图,site plan ©Buzzo Spinelli Architecture

▼局部平面图,partial plan ©Buzzo Spinelli Architecture

▼立面图,elevation ©Buzzo Spinelli Architecture


▼剖面图,sections ©Buzzo Spinelli Architecture

Location: Bastia (2B)
Program: Creating a pleasant link between the port and the Citadel of Bastia, designing a theatre of greenery, and restoring the Romieu garden
General contractor: Bastia’s municipality
Project management:
Buzzo Spinelli Architecture
Antoine Dufour Architectes – patrimony
Atelier GAMA – landscaper
Batiserf – structural engineers
BETEM – road engineers and various networks

Contractors :
Brando BTP + Contact Construction – Earthworks, grading and levelling, Structural works, Roads and various networks
Socofer – Locksmith works, Signage
Schindler – Elevators
Technicalarm – Dry networks and Public lighting
Corse Paysage – Green areas

Areas: 7 089 m2
Cost: 2 400 000 € HT
Schedule: March 2020
Photography: Celia Uhalde

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