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Joseph Walsh工作室在今年的迈阿密设计展上推出了名为“Magnus V”的大型装置。该展览由Aric Chen策展,致力于大尺度的作品和装置并探讨与之相关的主题。2019年的展览主题为“元素:地球”,其目的在于探索设计、材料和制作在后人类世代中的角色。

Designed by Joseph Walsh Studio, Magnus V was exhibited at Design Miami/Basel. Curated by Aric Chen, Design at Large is a segment of Design Miami/Basel that is dedicated to large-scale works and installations which explore topics of current relevance. The 2019 programme is titled “Elements: Earth”, as it aims to explore the role of design, materials and making in a post-nature, Anthropocene future.

“Magnus V”是Magnus系列中最大的一项作品,呈现为一个明显的悬臂式体块,由橄榄白蜡木制成,拓展了材料在形式和技术上的运用潜力。Joseph Walsh利用木材的固有属性塑造了一种极端的特质,使其拥有了一个复杂的、如丝带般的几何形态,并且能够在足够大的尺度下实现平衡,以重新定义其所在的空间。

“The largest work to date in the Magnus series, Magnus V is a pronounced and cantilevered form, made using layers of olive ash wood that push the material’s formal and technical possibilities. Working with the wood’s inherent properties, Joseph Walsh has produced a kind of extreme nature with a complex, ribbon-like geometry that balances at a scale large enough to redefine the space it occupies.

设计委托方:IPUT plc
Commissioned by IPUT plc.

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