Magasinet, Falun, Sweden by Sweco Architects

A modern extension of an old storage building

Project Specs


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▼项目一览,project overview

Magasinet is a cultural center in Falun situated in a repurposed railway storage building. On behalf of Magasinet, Sweco’s architects in Falun were given the opportunity to design a new extension. The vision was to exhibit the entrance and provide space for the wardrobe, which had previously taken an overly large area. The building has got a modern design language, which is in line with the multifaceted cultural activities that are currently being conducted in the magazine. Form plays with the old buildings roof landscape and coincides with the roof angle of the building.

▼入口,the entrance

▼后方入口,the access in the back


Inside, the rooms are filled with light from the skylights and the walls consist of white painted wood paneling with ground concrete flooring. The external material is banded black plate on both walls and ceilings. The new entrance building has been cautiously docked to the magazine, and you clearly see the transition between the new building and the Magasin’s hot red brick walls.

▼进入室内后能清晰地看到新旧楼之间的过渡,one can clearly see the transition between the new building and the Magasin’s hot red brick walls

▼一系列的天窗为空间引入日光,the skylights introduce daylight into the space

▼内部空间由开放式衣帽间和活动空间组成,the interior contains a large open wardrobe and activity space


Magasinet was built in 1898 as a storage hall for the railroad. Today it is a center for cultural events. The building is owned by the cultural association Magasinet as office, film and photo studio and as a venue for exhibitions and concerts.

▼项目夜景,project at night

▼项目平面,the project plan

▼项目立面,the elevations

▼项目剖面大样,the section sample

建筑师事务所:Sweco Architects
主要建筑师:Hans Petterson,

Project name: Magasinet
Architect’ Firm: Sweco Architects
Lead Architects: Hans Petterson,
Project location: Falun, Sweden
Completion Year: 2015

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