Bruciato, Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA by Eerkes Architects

A classical pizza bar

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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从西雅图出发乘坐一段短途的渡轮穿越普吉特海峡可到达班布里奇岛,而获得James Beard奖提名的大厨Brendan McGill在这里新开设了一家披萨店和酒吧,名为Bruciato。该餐厅由Eerkes Architects的Les Eerkes设计,占地2100平方英尺,最初是一家五金店。

Located on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride across Puget Sound from Seattle, is James Beard Award-nominated Chef Brendan McGill’s latest pizzeria and bar, Bruciato. Designed by Les Eerkes of Eerkes Architects, the restaurant’s 2,100-square-foot space originally served as a hardware store.

▼店面一览,the store front


As part of the renovation, the interiors were stripped back to their essence to showcase the beautiful exposed bowstring trusses, the bare wood ceiling, and the raw concrete floor. White-painted walls and a limited palette of materials were introduced to create a simple backdrop for an eclectic set of repurposed furnishings and objects. Together, these natural elements help to tell the story of the wood-fired pizzeria’s sophisticated farm-to-table approach, dedication to the Neapolitan standard, and the purity of traditional cuisine.

▼入口处裸露着各种机械管道,mechanical ducts and hardware are exposed at the entrance

▼室内环境一览,interior overview

吧台镶嵌着带有V形图样的卡拉拉大理石,可供15人就坐。酒吧上方和东墙一侧悬挂着来自本岛的Eerkes & Perhacs工作室设计的钢制灯具。用冷杉制成的桌子的配套座椅是教堂的废弃长椅做成的。如果天气允许的话,定制的镀锌双折门可打开,使得餐厅的室内空间与室外融为一体。餐厅后方的角落处放置着从那不勒斯进口的Stefano Ferrara砖式比萨烤炉,它旁边有一个定制的黑钢菱形结构的柴架。设计师Eerkes是这样描述这个可容纳90的餐厅氛围的:“这里社区氛围浓厚,因此我想设计一个能够自豪地带朋友来的地方。Bruciato已经成为岛上的俱乐部。”

Above the fifteen-seat bar – inlaid with Carrara marble in a chevron pattern – and along the eastern wall, hang steel light fixtures designed by Eerkes and Perhacs Studio, both island residents. Salvaged church benches serve as seating for the two-top tables, which feature old growth, salvaged fir. Weather permitting, a custom galvanized-steel bi-fold door opens the restaurant directly to the sidewalk, merging inside with outside. In the back corner of the restaurant, next to the brick pizza oven imported from Stefano Ferrara of Naples, is a custom-designed, blackened-steel, diamond-structured firewood rack. About the feel of the space, which seats 90, Eerkes notes, “The island is very community-focused. I wanted to design a comfortable place I’d be proud to take my friends. Bruciato has become the island clubhouse.”

▼吧台,the bar

▼酒吧上方和东墙一侧悬挂着来自本岛的Eerkes & Perhacs工作室设计的钢制灯具,角落里放着从那不勒斯Stefano Ferrara进口的砖式比萨烤炉;above the bar and along the eastern wall, hang steel light fixtures designed by Eerkes and Perhacs Studio and the brick pizza oven imported from Stefano Ferrara of Naples sits at the back corner



Adds McGill, who also owns Hitchcock, a restaurant located a few blocks down the street, “With Bruciato we always get comments about the space itself. Customers keep saying how much they enjoy coming in and just hanging out […] We have people coming in here and talking about how Bruciato reminds them of their favorite city, whether that’s Rome, London or New York. Obviously, it’s not because we have Italian artwork on the walls or leather club chairs or anything like that. It’s because we have a sense of place, and that magic comes down to the design.”

▼用餐区,建筑材料的原始质感营造出纯粹的氛围;the dinning area with raw materials that create a pure atmosphere

▼家具细节,furniture details

Eerkes Architects(建筑,室内)
照明(由Eerkes Architects和Perhacs Studio定制;由Monkeywrench制作)
表(由Eerkes建筑事务所定制;由NW Millwork制作,来自Carl’s Lumber的杉木并由Disdero研磨)
长凳(由Eerkes Architects定制设计;由CDBuilt制作)
X-box木质储物(由Eerkes Architects定制;由Monkeywrench制造)

Kevin Scott

Project Team:
Eerkes Architects (architecture, interiors)
CDBuilt (contractor)
Custom Elements:
Lighting (custom designed by Eerkes Architects and Perhacs Studio; fabricated by Monkeywrench)
Tables (custom-designed by Eerkes Architects; fabricated by NW Millwork with fir from Carl’s Lumber and milled by Disdero)
Benches (custom-designed by Eerkes Architects; fabricated by CDBuilt)
X-box wood storage (custom-designed by Eerkes Architects; fabricated by Monkeywrench)

Kevin Scott

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