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MAD reveals its first residential project to be constructed in Europe. Located in Clichy-Batignolles, a newly developed neighborhood in Paris, UNIC is next to Martin Luther King Park and the currently-under construction courthouse designed by Renzo Piano. MAD won the project through an international design competition in collaboration with local French architects Accueil – Biecher Architectes.

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“We worked closely with the local government, city planners and local architects in a series of workshops to ensure UNIC is a creative and iconic residential project united with the community,” revealed MAD’s founder & principal partner Ma Yansong.

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MAD建筑事务所与法国当地Accueil – Biecher Architectes合作,较早前赢得了国际竞赛,这也是MAD在欧洲首个即将开工建设的住宅设计。

面朝占地10公顷的生态绿地“马丁路德金公园”,UNIC享受着极丰富的社区自然资源, 建筑由低到高退让,层次丰富,给人一种有机流动,向上生长的感觉。MAD希望通过多变的退台来模糊建筑与自然的边界,把公园的自然延续至建筑的立体空间,让人与自然通过建筑产生对话、相互融合。UNIC犹如多座层叠起来的庭院,拉近城市中人与自然的关系。




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Facing Martin Luther King Park’s10-hectare green space, UNIC enjoys abundant neighborhood natural spaces. Accentuated by sinuous floor plates, each asymmetrical level slightly tapers as the building ascends to create dynamic spaces within. The floating and “upward-growing” form responds to an organic scheme. MAD attempts to blur the boundary between the architecture and nature through UNIC’s variably stepped terraces, which extend the green space from the park into the vertical space of the building, and additionally provides space for residents to interact with nature. Representing stacked courtyards, the distance between human and nature is collapsed.

Comprised of 13 floors in total, the building’s upper floors boast panoramic views of the surrounding city and the Eiffel Tower. The building applied a simple double core structure and bare concrete façade, both of which showcase the design’s elegance and simplicity. UNIC’s podium is conjoined with an adjacent public housing project and provides direct access to the Metro infrastructure and community resources including a kindergarten, retail spaces and restaurants. The resulting design enhances everyday community relations among a diverse socio-economic neighborhood.

After winning the competition, MAD participated in a series of workshops to explore topics from the macro-scale urban plans to micro-scale details, such as sustainable community development, resource sharing, energy management, and population demographics. MAD envisions UNIC to be a dynamic part of the community, to build an organic and harmonious new neighborhood, one that cultivates community with the emerging Clichy-Batignolles projects.

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UNIC 法国巴黎
UNIC Paris, France

基地面积:1033平方米 (地块总基地面积2350.7平方米)

主持建筑师:马岩松, 党群, 早野洋介
设计团队:赵伟, Flora Lee, 吴开聪, Daniel Gillen, 江彬, Andrea D’ Antrassi, Tristan Brasseur, Juan Valeros, Gustavo Alfred van Staveren, Xin Dogterom, Juan Pablo, Cesar d Pena Del Rey, Natalia Giacomino

Type: Residential
Status: Under Construction
Expected completion: 2018
Site Area: 1033 sqm (2350.7 sqm Lot total)
Building Area: 6,600 sqm (71,000 sq.ft.)
Building Height: 50 m

Directors: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano
Design Team: Zhao Wei, Flora Lee, Wu Kaicong, Daniel Gillen, Jiang Bin, Andrea D’ Antrassi, Tristan Brasseur, Juan Valeros, Gustavo Alfred van Staveren, Xin Dogterom, Juan Pablo, Cesar d Pena Del Rey, Natalia Giacomino

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