MAD reveals ‘Mirage’ – a design proposal for the Renovation of Paris’ Montparnasse Tower

Reflections of Paris and the history.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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马岩松率领的MAD建筑事务所近期公布了在法国巴黎的蒙帕纳斯大厦 (Tour Montparnasse) 的高层改造竞赛方案“都市蜃楼”。MAD的设计将这栋巴黎市中心的巨大黑色方盒子大楼,用镜像“倒挂”了巴黎城市,成为与天空“融为一体”的光的艺术。

MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, unveils “Mirage” ─ a renovation proposal for Montparnasse Tower in Paris, France. MAD’s design transforms this huge black monolithic building ─ positioned in the city center ─ into an artistic lighting installation that reflects the city upside down.

▼大楼映倒映菲尔铁塔,the building facade reflects the Eiffel Tower

▼建筑与埃菲尔铁塔对望,face to the tower


After its completion in 1973, the 210 meter-high Montparnasse Tower became the tallest building in Paris. But through the years, there has been constant criticism over its intrusive existence in the city, that it has been coined the ‘scar of Paris’. In 2016, the owner called an international competition to renovate the tower, and MAD was one of seven short-listed firms out of more than 700 teams to participate.

▼建筑立面映射城市风光,the facade reflects the cityscapes

▼立面细部,detail of the building facade

▼建筑于巴黎城市肌理中耀眼,the building stands up from the urban fabric


MAD’s design uses concave principles to create an optical illusion by setting every glass panel of the façade to a specific angle, so that the building itself turns into a city-scale concave mirror. The streets and rooftops of the neighboring buildings appear as if they are hanging in the sky; while the sky is mirrored onto the lower section of the building, blending into the atmosphere. The design creates a mirage of Paris, but upside-down, as if it is floating in the air. And, Paris’ other city landmark, the Eiffel Tower, will also appear upside down when looking at Montparnasse Tower from that direction.

▼建筑以王者气势俯瞰巴黎城,the building overlooks the city

▼建筑立面的独特设计展现“倒挂巴黎”景象,The design creates a mirage of Paris, but upside-down



马岩松说:“蒙帕纳斯大厦当年建成的时候代表着那个时代的骄傲和成就。人类对技术和力量的崇拜,造就了这座历史上强横的纪念碑,但它却与所处的巴黎古典城市格格不入。今天,我们虽然不能真正让这座楼和它所带来的历史遗憾彻底消失,但我们应该建立一个新的审视角度,思考人类该如何与我们的内心以及周遭的环境相处。” MAD方案“都市蜃楼”,从9月19日起在巴黎Pavillion de l’Arsenal的“Tour Montparnasse” 中展出。

Ma Yansong on the design: “At the time when it was built, Montparnasse Tower, like the Eiffel Tower, represented the pride and achievements of its era. It is mankind’s worship of technology and power that has created this tyrannical monument. It stands out amidst classical Paris. Today, we cannot really demolish this building and the historical regrets it stands for, but we can establish a new perspective to re-examine and think about how humanity can co-exist and interact with the tower and its environment, to bring meaning to our hearts.” MAD’s “Mirage design proposal is currently on show in the Tour Montparnasse Exhibition at Pavillion de l’Arsenal, Paris.

▼建筑一侧映射埃菲尔铁塔:与历史呼应的非同凡响的方式,the architecture reflects the Eiffel Tower on one side: Reflections of Paris.

▼建筑另一侧映射古老城市街区:与历史呼应的非同凡响的方式,the architecture reflects the old town on the other side: Reflections of Paris.

主持建筑师:马岩松, 党群, 早野洋介
副合伙人:李健, Andrea D’Antrassi
设计团队:李广崇, Jordan Kanter, 胡爻, Marco Gastoldi, Casey Kell, Matthew Pugh, Felix Amiss, 严然,贲禹强, 赵孟, Rozita Kahirtseva, Torsten Radunski, Young Kang, 李亮
机电工程师:NOX ingénierie
幕墙光学顾问:ELXIR / Philippe Bompas
灯光顾问:L’observatoire international / Hervé Descottes
环境顾问:NOX Oxygène

Directors in Charge: Ma Yansong, Qun Dang, Yosuke Hayano
Associates in Charge: Kin Li, Andrea D’Antrassi
Design Team: LI Guangchong, Jordan Kanter, Jacob Hu, Marco Gastoldi, Casey Kell, Matthew Pugh, Felix Amiss, YAN Ran, BEN Yuqiang, ZHAO Meng, Rozita Kahirtseva, Torsten Radunski, Young Kang, LI Liang
Lead Architect: MAD Architects
Executive Architect: DGLa
Structural Engineers: TERRELL
MEP Engineers: NOX ingénierie
Façade Consultant: VS-A
Façade – Reflection Consultant: ELXIR / PHILPPE BOMPAS
Fire Prevention: CSD FACES
Acoustic Consultant: ACOUSTIQUE ET CONSEIL
Lighting Consultant: L’observatoire international / Hervé Descottes
Environmental Consultant: NOX Oxygène
Lift Consultants: MOVVEO

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