Luminous Radiator by unparelld’arquitectes

Using a screen-light wall to change and optimize the internal circulation of an office

Project Specs


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The electrical company AgriEnergia moves closer to the city and opens a Customer Service Office in the premises located on one of the corners of the main street of Banyoles. The undertaking includes a screen-light wall and a change in the location of the office’s access. A luminous undulating radiator is set up diagonally across the space. It defines the corner and divides the office into two spaces: a customer reception area and another for offices and private rooms.



After vaguely recognizing the premises from the outside, the visitor enters the building through a door at street level which faces the main avenue. From here, the office opens up successively, creating a new area with each desk which folds out straight from the screen’s base. In parallel, each convexity formed by the undulating screen defines a room on its inner side. This luminous radiator is shaped by several flat glass panes arranged perpendicularly all along the partition. The panes are designed to capture and multiply light, which is the key element in defining the office’s atmosphere. Their repetition and curvature provide the space with a vibrant look which contributes to dematerializing the glass.


▼波浪形的光屏围合或分隔出不同的空间,the luminous undulating radiator enclose or divides the office into different rooms

▼墙壁呈斜角横跨于空间内部, the screen is set up diagonally across the space

▼来访者将通过一系列连续而开放的办公空间深入建筑内部,the office opens up successively, leading the visitors go through the building

▼办公柜台和桌面直接由光屏的基座展开,each desk folds out straight from the screen’s base



The screen is in reality a large lamp designed to attract the attention of passer-bys and is crowned with golden motifs which fix it to the ceiling. The whole design aims to commemorate the key episode of the integration of electrical power into the architecture of the 1920s, while at the same time alluding to one of the shapes taken on by the product offered in this office: light.

▼顶部的金色装饰物使光屏固定于天花板上,the screen is crowned with golden motifs which fix it to the ceiling




▼设计草图,design sketch

unparelld’arquitectes: Eduard Callís, Guillem Moliner, Jesús Bassols
Situation: Avinguda Països Catalans, 140. 17820. Banyoles. Spain
GPS latitude / longitude: 42.114888 / 2.768627
Authors: unparelld’arquitectes: Eduard Callís, Guillem Moliner Jesús Bassols Geli
Xevi Rodeja, Aina Roca, Architects
Thommy Parra, Architecture student
Anna Maria Comas, Enteq, Engineer
Owner: AgriEnergia, S.A.
Photographs: © José Hevia
Plans: © unparelld’arquitectes
Builder: Construccions Xavier Muriscot, Alumilux & Metall-lux, Insbosch
Surface: 207 m2
Project: 2016
Construction: 2016

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