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设计团队受邀设计位于明斯克Luch钟表厂的独特场地,该项目也因此而命名。这座历史悠久的建筑于近期重建,其中一部分出租给其他公司,这些公司皆遵循邻近钟表厂的办公室设计理念。Glera Games游戏公司将占用建筑上层的1031㎡,高天花及许多对称窗户带来丰富的自然光和体量感。建筑与室内相互影响,设计团队以此为基础,专注于打造朴实无华的办公空间,与简洁而现代的建筑外观及其立面尺度相匹配。

We received a unique site at Luch Watch Plant in Minsk, so the project was named after it. The historical building had recently been reconstructed and a part of it was rented out to companies, following the concept of offices neighboring watches manufactory. Glera Games was to occupy 1031 m2 on the upper level of the building. High ceilings and many symmetrically rhythmic windows provide fantastic natural light and volume. As the architecture affects the interior, the interior affects the architecture, this works both ways. We took this concept as a basis and focused on creating a functional non-decorative interior. We designed the office space to match the modern and laconic appearance of the building and the dimensional spacing of its facade.

▼空间概览,preview ©Lizaveta Kulenenok


The emphasis was put on the composition of volumes, their combinations and the creation of light openings in blind walls. The color gamut is quite ascetic and consists of 2 major colors: monochromatic gray used for ceilings, walls, furniture, floor coverings, and black used to balance the interior background. We added some orange as a bright accent, as well as red to achieve the required contrast in space and create additional associations with the main company brand color – warm orange.

▼橙色提亮灰色空间,orange brightens gray space ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼办公空间中的橙色隔断,orange partition in office space ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼走廊中的橙色墙面,orange wall in corridor ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

1. 入口区域:前台、衣柜、门厅、等候区。
2. 公共区域:用于日常交流和演示的开放剧场、带有临时办工桌的休闲区、餐厨空间。
3. 工作区域:开放空间、个人办公室。
4. 会议区域:开放式和封闭式会议室均匀分布在整个办公空间,方便使用。大小会议室既可以用于远程办公,也可以用于2至10人团队离线办公。

▼轴测图,axon drawing ©KOTRA architects

The office level is divided into 4 zones:
1. Entrance area: reception desk, wardrobe, elevator hall, waiting area.
2. Common area: amphitheater for informal communication and presentations, recreational area with desks for short-term work, kitchen combined with dining room.
3. Working area: open space, individual offices.
4. Meetings area: open and closed meeting rooms are evenly distributed across the office space for the convenience of use. Meeting rooms of M and S sizes can either be used for remote work or offline work for teams of 2 to 10 people.

▼入口,entrance ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼前台,reception desk ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼门厅,entrance hall ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼等候区,waiting area ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼衣柜,wardrobe ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼座位区,seating area ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼厨房,kitchen ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼餐厅,dining room ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼充满绿意的办公空间,green office space ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼会议盒子,meeting box ©Lizaveta Kulenenok


In this project, we aimed to create a neat space saturated with architectural elements in the interior and emphasize the unity of the appearance of the building with its interior. We wanted to create a holistic perception of the architectural object as well as form a flexible and functional space for effective collaboration, work and rest.

▼中性色调搭配,neutral color scheme ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼墙面细部,details ©Lizaveta Kulenenok

▼平面图,plan ©KOTRA architects

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