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Lay out a unique atmosphere, rather than form coherence

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Atmosphere, as a design proposal

项目位于北京东外56号文创园,面积300平米。作为一家新锐的数字广告公司,业主对于办公室的期许是一个银灰色的匀质的空间,一个承载创意的容器。同时,业主还透露出对Andy Warhol电影《Factory Girl》的喜爱,希望将此融入设计。

作为对“匀质空间”的回应,设计策略是减少过度的设计,避免出现强烈的单一形象:运用统一风格的选材和工业预制产品减少“设计”的痕迹,意在“铺陈出独特的氛围,而非形式的连贯。”(摘自“Hapticity and Time”, Juhani Pallasmaa)

The project is located in Beijing Dongwai No. 56 Business Park, with an area of ​​300 sqm. As a new digital advertising company, The client’s expectation for the office is a sliver,homogeneous space, a container for creativity. At the same time, the owner also revealed her love for Andy Warhol’s movie “Factory Girl”, hoping to incorporate this into the design.

As a response to the “homogeneous space”, the design strategy is to reduce excessive design and avoid a strong single image: use uniform style materials and industrial prefabricated products to reduce the traces of “design”, which is intended to “Lay out a unique atmosphere, rather than form coherence.” (From “Hapticity and Time”, Juhani Pallasmaa)

▼空间概览,preview © 五透


“Creative Factory”

空间有两个入口,主入口保证通行和展示,次入口则作为一个“工厂”的精神象征。设计师采用工厂车间金属推拉门和防撞门作为“工厂”的大门,将粗犷锐利的工业感发挥到极致。前厅四壁贴有银箔,作为对电影《Factory Girl》的致敬。

The space has two entrances, the main entrance guarantees passage and display, and the secondary entrance serves as a spiritual symbol of a “factory”. The designer uses metal sliding doors and anti-collision doors in the factory workshop as the gates of the “factory” to maximize the rough and sharp industrial sense. Silver foil is attached to the walls of the lobby as a tribute to the movie “Factory Girl”.

▼主入口,main entrance © 五透

▼次入口,second entrance © 五透


The LED lights that represent the spirit of the enterprise are hung above the front lobby, which becomes a bright spot in the space without affecting the space elements within the scope of people’s vision. On both sides of the lobby are the meeting room and the seminar room, which are partitioned by mirror glass to increase the sense of open space. All elements in the discussion room are silver, forming an industrial seminar space. One side of the seminar room is a small pantry, which is used for reception. There is also a duct transform to the cat climbing frame for use by the company’s mascot.

▼前厅上方悬挂代表企业精神的LED灯 © 五透
the LED lights that represent the spirit of the enterprise are hung above the front lobby

▼讨论室,the seminar room © 五透

▼讨论室内部,inside view © 五透

▼小型茶水间,the small pantry © 五透


A rest area is set between the front lobby and the office area as a transition between public and privacy. The original steel structure and heating equipment are preserved here, coexisting with the newly built walls, forming a rich spatial atmosphere. The folding door allows the discussion room to switch between independent and open, and connects with the rest area when opened, expanding into a corporate activity venue.

▼折叠门使讨论室在独立和开放间切换 © 五透
the folding door allows the discussion room to switch between independent and open

▼原始供暖设备与新建墙体并存 © 五透
the original heating equipment coexists with the newly built walls


A 3.5-meter-long table is set on the central axis of the open office area, which resembles a factory operation table or a research and development creative experiment table. It can meet the needs of employees in group discussions or dining gatherings here. The long table is made of frosted stainless steel countertops, which is easy to clean and maintain while ensuring the touch feel. The long table is fixed with scaffolding around it, and the long table and the top light are connected as a whole. There are separate workstations on both sides of the long table, and silver metal mesh is arranged between the workstation and the aisle to enhance the sense of spatial sequence, and document hooks can be set on it to enhance functionality.

▼开放办公区的中央长桌 © 五透
the central long table in the open office area

▼磨砂不锈钢台面 © 五透
the frosted stainless steel countertops

▼位与走道间设有银色金属网 © 五透
the silver metal mesh is arranged between the workstation and the aisle


Set up a rest area near the window. Green plants, warm-toned sofas and low-end speakers remove people from fast-paced work and can take a nap on the sofa.

▼休息区,the rest area © 五透




Through industrial materials (cement paint, stainless steel, metal mesh), and industrial products (folding anti-collision doors, chandeliers, scaffolding, etc.), the designer has laid out a literal “factory” atmosphere. Entering the office, these elements coexist with the original components in a low-key manner and serve the “atmosphere”, realizing the owner’s concept of “silver homogeneous space”. At the same time, based on the silver-gray tone, warm-toned elements and green plants are introduced in the rest area and the front hall to soften the character of the space and improve the comfort and richness of the expression of the space.

▼家具细部,details of furniture © 五透

▼灯具细部,details of lights © 五透

▼平面图,floor plan © 里外工作室

Project Name: LPI Ad Studio Workplace Interior Design
Design: Within Beyond Studio
Website: www.withinbeyond.com
Contact e-mail: info@withinbeyond.com
Design Year: 01.2021
Completion Time: 05.2021
Design Team: Within Beyond Studio
Project Location: Dongwai 56 Business Park,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China
Gross Built Area: 300m2
Photo Credits: Wutou

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