Loro by Ste. Marie Art and Design

Typologies of Texas hill country layered with touches of Scandinavian design

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Loro是一个亚洲风格的熏肉餐厅和酒吧,由Ste. Marie Art and Design与两位获奖厨师Tyson Cole和Aaron Franklin以及Michael Hsu事务所合力打造。餐厅位于得克萨斯州奥斯汀的一片宁静的橡树林间,三角形的屋顶和宽阔的窗户与阳光斑驳的室外平台相得益彰,共同享受着百年大树带来的阴凉。

Loro is an Asian smokehouse and bar completed in collaboration with award winning chefs’ Tyson Cole & Aaron Franklin and Michael Hsu Office of Architecture. The restaurant can be found amid a tranquil grove of live oaks in Austin Texas. It’s gabled ceiling and large windows complement a sun-dappled outside deck, canopied under the shade of hundred-year-old trees.

▼餐厅外观,exterior view ©Casey Dunn

▼餐厅外墙,Exterior Side Wall ©Casey Dunn


The chefs’ marriage of local and global influences permeated into our design process; typologies of Texas hill country layered with touches of Scandinavian design, allowing for a contemporary environment that doesn’t feel unfamiliar. The design takes cues from the classic old dance halls found throughout the central Texas hill country. Simple, broad, wood-framed structures that generously open up to the outdoors, often serving as a community’s’ social hub.

▼酒吧和餐厅区域,Bar & Dining Area ©Casey Dunn

▼用餐区,Dining Area ©Casey Dunn

▼当地建筑类型与北欧设计元素相融合,typologies of Texas hill country layered with touches of Scandinavian design ©Casey Dunn

▼座位细部,detailed view ©Casey Dunn

▼吧台细部,Bar Details ©Casey Dunn

▼木制元素,wooden elements ©Casey Dunn

▼傍晚的户外平台,Exterior Porch ©Casey Dunn

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