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Integrated design of architecture and landscape, organic combination of form and context.

Project Specs


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龙湖江与城项目位置正处于杭州市城市发展主轴,国家级创新区大江东产业聚集区的核心位置,交通便利,产业人群基数丰富,坐享钱塘江时代区域红利。项目位于在建7 号北二路站地铁上盖,交通便利;集商务办公、金融商贸、展览展示、公共服务为一体,是新区功能和形象核心。

The Longfor River City Project is located in the main axis of Hangzhou’s urban development, the core position of the Great Jiangdong Industrial Cluster in the national innovation area, with convenient transportation and rich industrial population base, enjoying the regional bonus of Qiantang River era.  The project is located on the subway roof of No. 7 North Second Road Station under construction, with convenient transportation. It integrates business office, financial business, exhibition and public service, and is the core of the new district’s function and image.

▼售楼处外观,view of the building


Introverted enclosed space


▼鸟瞰图,围合的空间,aerial view of the enclosed space

The project uses the surrounding plots to dig earth and raise the foundation so as to form a natural elevation difference in the site. Along the city interface, the landscape architecture form that closely combines the terrain with the architecture is adopted, combining with the natural site while also integrating the local culture, humanities and other elements. Shaping the slope-like view wall to isolate the bad surrounding environment. Implant functional blocks to form an inward enclosed space, and add elements such as courtyard, porch and shadow wall to enrich the internal space. So that the demonstration area can still obtain the tranquility of the inner space in the surrounding noisy environment.

▼形体生成,form generation


Abundant spatial streamlines


▼空间流线分析,Spatial streamline analysis

The demonstration area uses the Chinese garden for reference and adopts the design method of landscape progression and landscape variation to create rich space feeling in the limited land.  The demonstration area is entered by the mountain gate, and the landscape screen wall comes into view, then turns into a small courtyard and reaches the sales office through the water trail.  The center of the sales office and the model room are connected by a sunken courtyard, which is connected with each other in one go as if it were between mountains and rivers.  Five into the courtyard, four turns, starting from the beginning to the end, creating a multi-scene experience.

▼轻盈舒展,拾级而上,首重见山,Lightweight stretch up the stairs to see the mountain first

▼松柏影绰,月朗星稀,而后见壁,The pines and cypresses are thick with the moon and the stars are thin and then see the wall.

▼曲折婉转,水影斑斓,次而见水,The twists and turns of Shui Ying’s colorful scenery bring water to the eye.

▼纯净的水面倒影出起起伏伏的屋面形式,穿孔板星星点点的肌理,给人以无限的遐想,The reflection of the pure water surface shows the ups and downs of the roof form, as well as the dotted texture of the perforated plate, giving people infinite reverie


▼水面上的石板步道,walkway above the water


Architectural form language


The combination of architectural form, language and regional context takes the natural outline of Hangzhou Xizhao Mountain and the mountain flap on the roof of the sales office connects the buildings in series into a whole. The treatment of partial air penetration makes the architectural landscape blend with each other.  Through the form of grille, the light and shadow can be changed to create a light and transparent feeling and create a comfortable and comfortable space.

▼从售楼处望向水景,view of the waterscape from the sales office

▼穿孔金属板营造独特的光影效果,unique light shadow effects created by the perforated panels

▼下沉庭院,折板屋顶将建筑串联成一个整体,sunken courtyard, folded plate roof united the buildings

▼总平面图,site plan




项目名称:龙湖 江与城

电邮地址: thapepr@tianhua.com.cn
项目负责:荆哲璐 段亮
设计团队:倪永 杨裴 沈晓

Project Name: Longfor River City
Project Address: Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Project Scale: 6000 square meters
Completion Time: 2018.09
Architectural Design: Shanghai Tianhua architectural design co.LTD

Contact E-mail: thapepr@tianhua.com.cn
Landscape Design: MPG Mogao Landscape
Project Manager: Jing Zhelu, Duan Liang
Design Team: Ni Yong, Yang Pei, Shen Xiao
Architectural Photography: SCHRAN Architectural Photography

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