Liuhe Commercial Street Of Shanghai No.1 Shopping Center, China by Original Design Studio

Build the new towards the old

Project Specs


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▼南京东路一侧总体效果,view from the East Nanjing Road

Liuhe Road is located at the western head end of Nanjing Road, which is always known as ‘ The most famous Chinese commercial street ’. The cantilevered canopy, which is 72 meters long, 43.7 meters high, and overhung 15.4 meters on one side, covers the space between SHANGHAI NO.1 DEPARTMENT STORE (the old part is the Municipal Cultural Relics Protection Units) and Orient Shopping Centre, forming the multi-functional public space with corridors interlaced, transportation and commercial space interconnected and architecture in different historical periods presented.It’s a systematic project under the background of urban commercial transformation, combining many aspects including planning approval, municipal transportation, cultural relic protection, design and construction, providing a sample in Shanghai under the concept of ‘Build the new towards the old’ in the process of urban renewal and renovation.

▼六合路仰视,upward view in the Liuhe commercial street

▼夜景鸟瞰图,aerial view at night


As one of the Municipal Cultural Relics Protection Units in Shanghai, SHANGHAI NO.1 Department Store has its symbolic elevation and structure which cannot be changed, therefore the added part should be off the historic architecture. What’s more, Liuhe Road still needs to keep its property as a municipal road, as a consequence all the added structural elements shouldn’t step over the boundary lines of the road.

▼设计思路,design concept



The design is a complex construction in the limited 5-metre-wide space near the Orient Shopping Centre, creating the space with the cantilevered roof. With the intervention space which contains multi-path in different levels, the new building and the old one could be closely linked; at the same time, there will be an interaction between the negative space for traffic and the commercial part, creating an important ligament between architecture renovation and urban renewal.

▼悬臂式挑棚完成顶部空间的围合,the space is sheltered with the cantilevered roof

▼顶棚和连廊关系,the relationship between the canopy and the corridor

▼5F 连廊顾客视角,view on the 5F corridor


The whole elevation consists of more than 20 thousand polycarbonate tubes, which just looks like a sheer curtain, standing next to historical buildings.Transparent tubes with LED light, forming constantly changing lighting effect at night, creating a new landmark of ‘ The most famous Chinese commercial street’.

▼顶棚与幕墙融为一体,the canopy “extends” from the internal street facade

▼发光幕墙,the luminous curtain wall

▼商业街夜景,night scene of Liuhe commercial street

▼顶棚与文物建筑的悬置关系,the cantilevered canopy covers the Municipal Cultural Relics Protection Units


Liuhe commercial street provides a place where the architectural features and cross-sections of  the city in different historical periods are preserved. Historical fragments are juxtaposed with new media to form a new image of urban space.

▼整体鸟瞰,aerial view of the site

▼总平面图,site plan


▼幕墙立面,curtain wall facade

▼南立面图,south elevation

▼平台剖面图,platform section

Architect: Original Design Studio/TJAD
Design Team: Zhang Ming, Zhang Zi, Xiao Lei, Xi Weidong, Fan Peng, Fei Liju
Location: NO.800 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Design Period: 2016/9
Completion: 2018/9
Site Dimension: 1000m2
Material: Steel/ Glass/ Polycarbonate
Curtain wall consultant: ECO FACE
Photographer: Zhang Yong

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