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Project Specs


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Hankou junior school has a 30 year old campus which is square layout classroom building. Time gave the campus a courtyard fulled of trees, and the corridors are like around the forest. The library is located on second floor, 180 m² rectangle, the longitudinal side is faced the forest, but the windows and anti-theft bars blocked view. The library turned into a storeroom filled with books.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©Hey! Cheese


“Open Library” is the basic principal for design. We teared down the window sills, and placed glass wall. Bring the light into the library, and let the view out the forest. The simple design let the reading space expand unlimitedly.

▼图书室入口,entrance to the library ©Hey! Cheese

▼玻璃墙面打开通向室外的视线,glass wall opens the view to the outdoor space ©Hey! Cheese


▼轴测图,axonometric ©TALI DESIGN

“Place A Forest” is the main spirit of the library layout. The irregular curved shelves is like the forest in the courtyard, the aisle around the shelves are like the corridors around the forest. The shelves contain the rich knowledge in the books, just like the forest conserves the rich ecology. The different concaves are not only to increase collection of books, but also create the funny reading space. Beside the interior, we try to extend the reading atmosphere to the outside. Along the corridor, we create the bar reading table toward the forest.

▼不规则的弧形书架,irregular curved book shelves ©Hey! Cheese

▼书架形成丰富的阅读空间,book shelves creating various reading spaces ©Hey! Cheese

reading in different spaces ©Hey! Cheese

details of the book shelves ©Hey! Cheese

▼室内阅读桌,interior reading table ©Hey! Cheese

▼窗边阅读区,reading space along the window ©Hey! Cheese

▼走廊中的阅读区,reading space in the corridor ©Hey! Cheese

▼读书氛围从室内延伸到室外,reading atmosphere extending from interior to the exterior ©Hey! Cheese


White is the base color of space, and the wood figure of arauco plywood shelves is the main character of the library. On the ceiling, we reuse the abandoned aluminum latticed windows, hang on the ceiling like the branches and leaves, the light leaks from the sky!

▼透过木制书架仰望天花,look up to the ceiling through the wooden book shelves ©Hey! Cheese

▼天花细部,ceiling details ©Hey! Cheese


This is a small library for school, but it also is a window for students to explore the world outside the classroom, let us make the space more interesting to attract kids to open the window.

▼平面图,plan ©TALI DESIGN

Project name: Lishin Elementary School Library
Architect’s Firm: TALI DESIGN
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Taichung, Taiwan
Completion Year:  2020
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 180 square meters
Lead Architects:  Tsai Shian-Gung
Designers: Liu Ying-Chen, Lin Yun-zhong,   Yan Bing-Lian, HUANG JING-LONG

Photo credits: Hey! Cheese
Photographer’s website:
Materials: birch plywood, plastic cement floor, paint, Melamine, artificial turf

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