Linyu Garden, China by July Cooperative Company

The sound of a falling rain

Project Specs


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Project Statement


▼项目概览,project overview

The project is located in Luchen district, Wenzhou city which is a garden design for Lvcheng residential demonstration area. The core area of the garden is located in the east of the main building, next to the east parking area. A long lounge run through the site that divided the space  visually but also connected two different parts in spatial distribution.

▼场地平面图,Master Plan


Design Concept


沥雨斜影(踱入) | The shadow of drizzleEnter

Garden design is the plastic arts with rich vitality. The first sight of each garden would be impressed by its expression and atmosphere instead of its function distribution. The core area of this project includes two-part: “the shadow of drizzle ” and “ the sound of the hale water ”. Following the preset space atmosphere, different stone materials processed by various craft techniques used here to transform the expression of rain – which is the main design theme in this project.

▼廊道分析图,corridor diagram


Guests will be touched when entering the first space of the corridor. The road gradually increases and the width of the road becomes narrow. A one-way grid blocks the view of the entrance that makes the garden shown indistinctly behind,which provide an mysterious warm-up for visitors to experiences the follow-up space.

▼进入廊架区域的看景,Scenery of the corridor entrance

Only the lower part of the planting space can be seen from the entrance direction, emphasized the enclosed atmosphere through the trend of the road becoming narrower and higher


霖落玉盘 | The sound of the hale water


▼石柱示意图,stone column diagram

The atmosphere becomes bright when people turn around and enter the core water area through the long corridor. Reveal the majesty of the landscape by comparing the stone column to heavy rainfalls. The sound of water drops from the corridor into the pool is just like a beautiful variation.

The slender stone columns regard as the silk rain patterns, drops into the mirrored water surface

▼中心水景,core water area

▼“雨柱”局部,“Rain Column” detail

Enrich the surface of the yellow rust stone pillars through hollowing, milling groove, polishing and chipping


沥雨斜影(留步) | The shadow of drizzleLingering


The one-way grids no longer block the view when guests walkout from the sales area. The exposed scenery provided a profound impression at the end of the journey.

▼再次步入长廊的反向视角,The opposite perspective of the corridor area

The combination of moss, trimmed trees and stones give the guests a natural and ethereal feeling, such as the drizzle in the mountains


Project Name: Linyu Garden
Project Location: Lvcheng demonstration district, Wenzhou, China
Project Type: Residential
Design Firm: July Cooperative Company
Office Website:
Contact Email:
Lead Designers: Heng Kang, Bo Shen, Yang Su, Yaqin Zeng, Haizhou Zheng
Design Scope: Concept Design, Construction Drawings Design, Design Supervision
Design Area: 4500 square meters
Park Planning: Hangzhou Ji Yi Landscape
Construct Date: 2019.06
Completion Date: 2019.09
Photographer: Hai Zhu

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