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Lima住宅是建筑事务所Studio Mk27在秘鲁利马的第一个项目。该住宅位于市区内,坐落在一个16m x 30m的长方形地块上。设计团队充分考虑了基地的大小形状及其占用率,通过对空间布局的认真推敲,创造出一个舒适的联排住宅。

Lima House is studio mk27’s first project in Lima, Peru. Located on an urban site, measuring 16m width by 30m depth, the main idea was to first create the sensation for the clients of living in a townhouse, taking into consideration all the possibilities that we had relative to the arrangement and size of the plot, and its occupancy coefficient.

▼住宅鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the house ©Fernando Guerra


▼住宅外观,由三个叠落的矩形体量组成,exterior view of the house consisting of three overlapping boxes ©Fernando Guerra

The solution was to create 3 overlapping boxes. A similar resource was also used on the interiors which are divided into programmatic boxes, with wooden panels and doors that exercise the function of separation elements. The house is therefore composed of three external boxes, placed one on top of another, and internal boxes that resolve the program. It is a ludic perspective of the space, a “metabox” project.

▼住宅外观局部,partial exterior view of the house ©Fernando Guerra

▼三层立面细节,details of the skin of the second floor ©Fernando Guerra


The external boxes are made of slatted exposed concrete, with the front and back façades clad in different materials and acting as side covers. These materials form uniform skins that hide the openings. Despite the concrete structure which is necessarily robust, due to the great incidence of earthquakes in this region, the creation of cantilevers gives the structure a lighter feeling.

▼外盒子体量由覆有板条的裸露混凝土打造而成,其前后立面采用木饰面,the external boxes are made of slatted exposed concrete, with the front and back façades clad in wood ©Fernando Guerra


▼首层的社交空间,the social areas on the ground floor ©Fernando Guerra

▼社交空间局部及首层露台,partial view of the social areas and the terrace on the ground floor ©Fernando Guerra

▼首层露台空间,the terrace on the ground floor ©Fernando Guerra

▼位于住宅首层的厨房,the kitchen on the ground floor ©Fernando Guerra

The first volume (ground floor) houses the social areas, comprised of a terrace and the kitchen. On the second floor, there is the master bedroom with its own living room, walk-in closet and a terrace. The third floor is dedicated to the children. There are two en-suites, a living room, a guest bedroom and bathroom and a terrace with a wall of cobogós (hollow bricks). This cobogó façade guarantees visual protection while also permitting the entrance of natural light and cross-ventilation.

▼位于二层的主卧,the master bedroom at the first floor ©Fernando Guerra

▼主卧局部,partial view of the master bedroom ©Fernando Guerra

▼主卧的步入式衣橱,the walk-in closet of the master bedroom ©Fernando Guerra

▼住宅三层的起居室,the living room on the second floor ©Fernando Guerra

▼三层的儿童房,the kid’s en-suite on the second floor ©Fernando Guerra


▼半地下层的泳池,设有条状天窗,the pool at the semi-underground floor with the strip skylight ©Fernando Guerra

There is also a rooftop and a “semi-underground” with a garage, utility area, gym and pool, which can be appreciated through a glass strip on the garden in the ground floor, next to the main living room.

▼地面上的玻璃带实现了首层空间与半地下空间之间的视觉联系,the glass strip on the ground floor connects the ground and semi-underground floors visually ©Fernando Guerra


The palette of materials is quite small: wood, stone, concrete and aluminium. The wood is of Brazilian origin, given its resistance to the weather. The stone (Basalt) and marble (Travertine) are local.

▼室内空间局部,采用木地板,partial interior view of the house with wooden floors ©Fernando Guerra


The greatest challenge of this project was filling the space with the necessary density while simultaneously guaranteeing that the quality external spaces could be used, diluting the limits between external and internal.

▼住宅外观夜景,一个以盒子为原型的居住空间,night view of the house ©Fernando Guerra

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan ©Studio Mk27

▼屋顶平面图,rooftop plan ©Studio Mk27

▼地下室平面图,basement floor plan ©Studio Mk27

▼剖面图,section ©Studio Mk27

architecture: studio mk27
architect: marcio kogan
co-architect: samanta cafardo . elisa friedmann
interior design: diana radomysler
co-interior architect: mariana ruzante
project team: carlos costa . eduardo gurian . gabriela gurgel . mariana simas . renato périgo
local architect: jorge baertl
landscape designer: rosie benavides
structure engineer: GCAQ
electrical: JALE ingenieros
plumbing: Efreyre instalaciones
air conditioning: integ
contractor: CG277
main suppliers: vitrocsa (window frames); plancus (doors, panels e façades); valcucine (kitchen); erwin hauer studio (hollowed wall module); plancus e arquitecma peru (internal furniture)
Project size: 1000m2
Site size: 500m2
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 3

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