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contributes to a dispersal of ones perception of what it is to move about a city

Project Specs


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Monk Mackenzie Architects与LandLAB合作,将奥克兰市内一段延绵600余米的废弃高速公路转化为了充满活力的高架自行车道。相关的前期研究调查证实了这段废弃高速匝道的无限潜力,转化后的自行车道将填补奥克兰环城车道在城市西侧的空白,完善整个车道网络。


#LightPathAKL transforms six hundred meters of redundant highway infrastructure into a dynamic cycleway completing a vital link in Auckland’s inner city cycle network. #LightPathAKL was initiated when a study identified the potential of an unused former highway offramp to be repurposed to form the western route of an inner city cycleway and complete Auckland’s inner city cycle network.

Architecturally the project had to work simultaneously at two scales: the macro and the micro – the city and the individual. The project was also primarily conceived equally as a piece of urban art as it was urban design.

▽ 城市与亮丽的粉色步行天桥,the pink #LightPathAKL in the city

001-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB



At the city scale, the project was just one strand, albeit now unused, of a larger and multiple level confluence of highways that run through Auckland. To create an impact at this wider city scale a simple yet bold strategy was employed.

The former asphalt highway was given a highly vivid and provocative pink resin and aggregate surfacing. This transformed the space from a disused highway into a highly contemporary urban space used by cyclists and pedestrians.

▽ #LightPathAKL与在其下穿行的高速公路,#LightPathAKL and the highway

008-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB


A dusk and evening dimension was created by placing over 300 LED custom light boxes along the eastern edge of the cycleway to create a light spine.

These were fully programmable and contained sensors to create a digital infrastructure to allow an artist to create an infinite array of experiences. This reinforced the macro realm of the project and created an interactive light sculpture that transformed the new urban space and gave the project its name.

▽ LED灯箱顺桥身而立,形成了一道光脊,300 LED custom light boxes stands along the eastern edge of the cycleway to create a light spine

005-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB

003-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB

004-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB

毛利艺术家Katz Maihi作为整个团队的重要一员,使这个当代设计在使用者的微观层面上具有极强的叙述感和场景感。刻有Katz原创艺术作品的铝板与自行车道的西侧屏障融为一体。除此之外在粉色路面的北侧终点处,长达27米的艺术品将粉色路表巧妙的转换回沥青路面。

Maori artist Katz Maihi formed a crucial part of the team to imbue the contemporary project with a sense of narrative, place and speak to the user and micro scale.

Aluminum plates, engraved with original Katz artworks were subtly integrated into the western edge of the cycleway barrier. In addition to this, the pink surfacing was concluded at its northern end in another 27 metre long original artwork that morphed the surfacing back to asphalt.

006-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB


The project is a bold statement in Auckland’s urban realm, illustrating movement, speed and aspiration. The project hurtles through the active highway network – the immersive character and identity of the project varying from one vantage point to another, across the day and night, and around the adjacent precincts.

It takes on the often overused definition of urban connectivity and profoundly redefines it with a persuasive use of colour, materiality and technology. In the process, it contributes to a dispersal of ones perception of what it is to move about a city with an intoxicating cycling, pedestrian and transportation event.

▽ 颠覆人们对城市印象的穿行体验,it contributes to a dispersal of ones perception of what it is to move about a city

009-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB     010-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB


More than 100,000 cycle journeys have been made on #LightPathAKL, cementing its place as a now critical piece of cycling infrastructure in the city.

002-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB

▽ 总平面图,site plan

▽ 剖面,section

012-#LightPathAKL by Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB

Design Team: Monk Mackenzie Architects + LandLAB / Dean Mackenzie, Hamish Monk, Henry Crothers, Steven Lin, Jamie Stronge
Artist: Katz Maihi
Enginee: GHD / Gansen Govender, Stephen Cummins
LED Lighting: iion / David Hayes
Contractor: Hawkins Construction / Greg Dewe, Lance Vazey
Client: New Zealand Transport Agency / Ronnie Salunga
Auckland Council / Gyles Bendall


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