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Lighting not only bring brightness in the dark, because of their varied modelling and illuminant design, still bring beautiful infiltration.Lighting acts the role of article of life, also be low-key artwork.

▼展厅外观,exterior view



This case is the xiangshan lighting exhibition hall, after fully understanding the product requirements and corporate culture, designers carefully study the company logo that represents the brand image. The lines of the Logo are just like the light from the sun to everything in the world, and like the rising sun, more like the soaring eagle. In the design of the whole exhibition hall, the designer shows its brand implication incisively and vividly in the space language, so that the customer can feel the light and shadow experience brought by the high-quality and extremely design-oriented lighting decoration. The story is recorded by light and shadow through the exhibition hall.

▼入口细部,Logo的线条宛如太阳向世界万物发散的光线,The lines of the Logo are just like the light from the sun to everything in the world


▼从洽谈区看前台,looking the reception from chat area

▼洽谈区墙面细部,chat area wall decoration details


When the light is mapped into the field, it can draw a fantastic tangent line, as if the space is cut into different layers. With the use of light and shadow cutting this natural art, the designer will cut Wthe space body block, in the large exhibition hall to create a series of small exhibition halls full of personality, with sharp lines of lighting products, creating the sense of hierarchy and penetration of space. At the same time with the light and shadow shape the space form, let the space line flow freely like the light, bring the sense of fluent nature to the whole space. Whole space reveals contemporary contracted breath, show uncommon design idea however.

▼展示区,display area

▼小展厅2,由白色pvc管构筑而成,small exhibition hall 2 constructed by white pvc

▼顾客穿梭在展厅中,跟随流畅且穿透力强的空间指引欣赏灯饰品,customers follow the smooth and penetrating space guide to appreciate the lighting accessories


This case uses pure color building materials more in material respect, interior color is given priority to with white and gray, make the exhibition hall looks contemporary and modern, but do not clamor a guest to seize the principal, highlight the leading role that lamp ACTS the role of. The space is in assuring foundation brightness while, adopt the strategy that lets lamp act the role of the light source adequately, do not rely too much on additional illume equipment, can show the charm of lamp act the role of the role of the light adequately thereby.

▼拥有黑色不锈钢墙面的小展厅3,small exhibition hall 3 with wall of black stainless steel


With the change of space height and the sense of surrounding plastic, the spatial dislocation caused by overlapping is compressed and amplified. Because each kind of lamp ACTS the role of the role of the product is tonal and form is differ, the space that lets strewn at random combines the characteristic of commodity, make it become stable block, let each block have its distinctive refined lasting appeal. And in order to let the space display from the plane into a three-dimensional, more hanging in the air chandelier and other objects, through the three-dimensional form to show the innovative overall architecture.

▼小展厅6,透过立体形式展现饶富新意的整体架构,small exhibition hall 6,through the three-dimensional form to show the innovative overall architecture

▼小展厅8,mall exhibition hall 8


In the dynamic space form, the designer skillfully uses the wall structure to create the moving line in the flowing form, which not only keeps each display space at a certain distance, but also connects each other through the invisible moving line vein. When customers shuttle through the exhibition hall, they can follow the smooth and penetrating space guide to appreciate the lighting accessories.


项目名称:中山精颖灯饰展厅 — 曼妙光影
项目地址:广东 中山
设计面积:500 ㎡

Project Name:Zhongshan jingying lighting exhibition hall
Project address:Guangdong, zhongshan
Design area:500 ㎡
Design company:DAOSHENG DESIGN
Host designer:Yongming He
Design team:DAOSHENG DESIGN Team
Customer name:Zhongshan jingying lighting co. LTD
Main material:Ground glue plate, black drawing stainless steel, cement plate, PVC pipe, spray painting
Photographer:Peng Yuxian
Design time:2017.09
Time for completion:2017.12

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