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Prismverse体验馆的创作概念源自钻石切割法 Brilliant cut,此切割法将钻石面所能反射出的光最大化,制作出富优质亮度的成品。Prismverse 馆内的多边形镜墙,配合影像的反射,能够营造钻石中折射的光束,演绎出 Dr.Jart+ 品牌推出的新产品 V7 Toning Light 在肌肤上呈现的 即时钻白效果。

Prismverse is an installation inspired by light rays travelling in a diamond with Brilliant cut – a form that produces phenomenal brilliance with maximized light directed through its top. With a 10 meters LED floor and the complex geometrical tessellated mirror wall, the highly illuminated interior becomes a metaphor for the instant tone-up effect of Dr.Jart+ V7 Toning Light.

置身 Prismverse 体验馆中,由体验者触碰产品的顷刻,便能感受大自然中前所未见的耀眼光芒——夺目的银河星光、晶石珍光、细水粼光及棱镜折射的炫光,带出产品抹在肌肤上瞬间亮白、保湿、防护及焕肤等使用效果。Prismverse 体验馆获 sonihouse 赞助十二面体扬声器 scenary,让体验者置身于全方位的视听氛围中。感受影像与音效的同时,亦欢迎体验者于体验馆内探索心目中最耀目的亮丽色彩。

A journey to unprecedented sceneries of glimmers begins at the touch of the product centered in the space. Audience will be immersed in splendors of our mother nature, ranging from the galaxy and distant stars, rare gemstones, glistens of flowing water, and refracted light beams. These resembles the brightening, moisturizing, protective and vitalizing effects of the product once applied on skin. Thanks to the omnidirectional speaker ‘scenery’ produced by sonihouse, audience can be bathed in an ambient soundscape, where sound is equally distributed to every direction. Audience are most encouraged to pace around and explore brilliance of the world from all angles in Prismverse.


2017 Dr.Jart+ Light Now Exhibition | 中国上海来福士广场

2017 Dr.Jart+ Light Now Exhibition | Raffles City Shanghai, Shanghai, China


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