Light flakes By Yuji Okitsu

Playing with light.

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Essentially, light has no form. When lightflakes are made into an intricate three-dimensional form, natural light materializes itself as it penetrates through the multiple layers and create never-ending reflections. At the same time, the surrounding scenery is replicated in the infinite play of light. The restructured light becomes a luminous existence creating a special atmosphere in the space. lightflakes brings us opportunities to interact with natural light in our daily life, which is often overly saturated with artificial light. This product can be made into any form according to use or spatial condition. For example, it can be made into furniture that brings natural light into the space, such as the partition wall we designed. It gradually changes the atmosphere in the room while communicating changes in the natural environment to the interior, as light transform itself throughout the day. With lightflakes, we intended to design not only a beautiful object but also behaviors of people and natural light in the daily environment. When a person assembles lightflakes into an object, it seems as if he or she is playing with light. Through such behaviors, we find the beauty of natural light again from totally different perspectives.











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