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A calming place for display and reflection

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In Yanling Road, there are many complicated and colorful shops, and the “light and function” is based on the silent “white”, and it is also the performance of the store. The sleek and sleek presentation meets the owner’s brand appeal. This is a studio dedicated to the design of lighting research, and the “ambition” of the manager is not limited to this. He hopes that “light and function”,will be similar to the space of museums, galleries, and art galleries. It can enhance self-aesthesia and broaden the horizon. It is a place where people can calmly contemplate.

▼建筑外观,exterior view



In the interior part, we deconstructed the walls and columns, the subtle changes in the level of the white wall and the terrazzo column, and the subordinate changes in the space. On the turning surface of the white wall, we emphasize the continuation of the glimpse and the space before and after.

▼入口空间,entry hall

▼层次错落的白墙搭配线性灯具,white wall with linear light fixtures



Seeking the commonality of products and time, the decay period of the light changes with time, showing the characteristics of life. At the design of the entrance node, we pay tribute to Louis I. Kahn’s Sac Research Center, which selects the classic water-flow structure. In the dark environment, the line lights open and close, forming a strong contrast between light and dark, like the Sac Research Center. The sun rises and falls, the time flows, and the still water flows deep.

▼入口节点的设计致敬了路易·康的萨克研究中心,the design pays tribute to Louis I. Kahn’s Sac Research Center at the entrance node

▼流水构造与线型灯的明暗对比,the water-flow structure with linear lighting



We abandon the product display in the conventional sense, take the product into the space as the main point, and let the form serve the function.The embedded line lamp is the guide for the moving line and the space lighting requirement. Progressively and sequentially.

▼楼梯和展示区,stair and show area




Light and action are not photosynthesis. We hope that light acts on space and acts on itself, which is the best embodiment of the commercial value of the product.

▼室内细部,interior detailed view


▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼二层平面图,2F plan

文案撰写:Da Lim

Project name:Light and effect
Project designer: Li.、Yezi
Copywriter:Da Lim
Project Year:2019
Location:No. 187 Yanling Road

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