APARTAMENT LIDO 501 by Atelier Aberto Arquitetura

Comfort space based on irregular plan.

Project Specs


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This 30m² apartment, with angled walls and an irregular floor plan, was once a hotel room.Located in the historical city center of Porto Alegre, the Lido Hotel has been for years a reference when it comes to searching for accommodation in the capital of Brazil’s southernmost state, close to the Matriz Plaza and the Public Market. However, the new demand for small apartments has driven the transformation of this hotel into a co-living building.

▼项目概览,overview © Marcelo Donadussi


The client approached the office with the intention of converting his investment, a small apartment, into a temporary “bed and breakfast” accommodation, that could also attend to the needs of a long term housing, if necessary. The former hotel room is now requesting, besides a kitchen and bathroom, a double bed, sofa bed, closet, and desk.

▼改造前后,before and after transformation © Atelier Aberto Arquitetura


Shelves to the right of the front door accommodate the television, plants, books, and decorative objects. The window of the front facade of the building was framed by the woodwork, refining the peeled walls. The shelf above the window was designed to accommodate plants, bringing a glance of green into the room, considering that the view from outside is dominated by the concrete jungle of Porto Alegre’s historical city center.

▼入口,entrance © Marcelo Donadussi

▼从入口看向室内,view from entrance to the interior © Marcelo Donadussi

▼左侧一体式厨房,integrated kitchen on the left © Marcelo Donadussi

▼右侧架子,shelves on the right © Marcelo Donadussi

▼沙发床后边是写字台,behind the sofa bed is a desk © Marcelo Donadussi

▼从沙区域看向寝区,view from sofa area to sleeping area © Marcelo Donadussi

▼寝区,sleeping area © Marcelo Donadussi

▼壁橱分隔寝区与浴室 © Marcelo Donadussi
closet separating bed area from bathroom

▼浴室,bathroom © Marcelo Donadussi


The project’s concept came from the search for a more regular space, which was the main premise of the office. The pursuit of parallel lines resulted in a large closet that is summarized into a multifunctional white volume, hiding the plant’s winding lines and nesting the bathroom and kitchen, as well as storage for clothes and groceries. Parallel to this volume, an industrial black track light with adjustable spotlights leads the main axis of the apartment and lights up the room.

▼大尺寸的多功能白色壁橱 © Marcelo Donadussi
large closet that is summarized into a multifunctional white volume

▼细节,details © Marcelo Donadussi

▼平面,plan © Atelier Aberto Arquitetura

Project size:30 m2
Site size:30 m2
Completion date:2020
Project team:Atelier Aberto Arquitetura

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