LE CYGNE skin and body care centre, China by YAO DESIGN

As graceful as a swan

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非常感谢 耀设计 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards YAO DESIGN for providing the following description.

LE CYGNE在法语中意为“天鹅”,以童话般的故事,寄希望每个女孩都像天鹅一样美得优雅从容。

LE CYGNE means “swan” in French. With a fairy tale story, I hope that every girl is as graceful as a swan.


设计结合品牌定位,打造「时尚,精致,专业」的品牌空间体验。通过光与空间进行“光合作用”,营造LE CYGNE奢美曼妙的空间意境,进入真我世界,唤醒源源不绝的活力和女性魅力。

The design combines brand positioning to create a “fashion, exquisite, professional” brand space experience.Through the “photosynthesis” between light and space, it creates a luxurious and beautiful space concept of LE CYGNE, enters the real world, and awakens the endless vitality and feminine charm.


▼墙面细部,wall detail

入口通过创造景深将视觉导入到空间,入口产品展示大厅,大面积白色与弧形门洞相叠加,穿梭进入旋转光圈的弧形门洞,仿佛物质经过时间和空间的流转而产生内在变化,犹如置身于一条通往美与蜕变的“时光隧道”, 留给人无限的想象与神秘感。空间以近乎纯白色调扩容视觉,通过光影、材料、线条的相互关联,体现多样变化,同时将优雅和专业的双重属性赋予LE CYGNE。

The entrance introduces the vision into the space by creating the depth of field. The entrance product display hall, the large area of white and the curved doorway are superimposed, and the arc-shaped door opening of the rotating aperture is shuttled, as if the material changes in time and space to create an internal change, just like being in the body.A “time tunnel” leading to beauty and transformation, leaving people with unlimited imagination and mystery.The space expands its vision with almost pure white tones, reflecting the diverse changes through the interplay of light, shadow, materials, and lines, while giving LE CYGN the dual attributes of elegance and professionalism.

▼接待台桌面视角,view from the reception desk

▼入口区域,entry way

▼带光圈的弧形门洞形成一条“时光隧道”,the arc-shaped openings with lighting fixtures create a “time tunnel”


On both sides of the entrance door, there is a one-to-one consultation area, which connects the two spaces through smooth lines, reflecting a soft tension.For example, rock music and jazz have sparked a spark, and under the noisy punk, there is a sense of beauty.

▼从室内望向入口前厅,view to the lobby from interior


The illusion of glass at the end of the tunnel reflects the beautiful light and shadow. As the light and shadow enter the pure hall space, the white terrazzo is pure and extreme. The arched bookshelf behind the sofa continues the design elements of the arc, the slanted shape, breaks the balance of the space, and reflects the rock spirit.The beauty room is designed with quiet lighting to create a quiet and feminine atmosphere, giving a calm, momentary meditation to find the truest self !

▼休闲区的拱形书架,the arched bookshelf

LE CYGNE 天鹅童话,你可以在这里探寻真我,总有一个理由,喜欢的音乐,喜欢的生活方式,一杯咖啡,一本书籍,一份快乐,一份自信与美丽……

LE CYGNE Swan fairy tale, you can explore the true self here, there is always a reason, music, lifestyle, a cup of coffee, a book, a happy, a confident and beautiful…

▼空间分隔,the division of space

▼休闲区浴缸,the bathtub in the lounge

▼咨询区,consultation area



项目名称:LE CYGNE天鹅童话肌肤形体管理中心
设计方:YAO DESIGN 耀设计
项目设计 & 完成年份:2019年1月


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