Layered Biophilic Restaurant, China by MAP

Encounter natural beauty in the restaurant

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在上海市中心一处主打清新食物风格的餐厅,建筑师Florian Marquet和他的工作室共同为其打造了一幅极具趣味性与自然气息的室内空间。

Located in the heart of Shanghai, Florian Marquet and his studio MAP proposes a playful layered biophilic interior that reflects the natural and fresh culinary cuisine of the restaurant.

▼项目一览,overview© Songkai Liu


Due to its limited interior size, the design is experienced through 3 spaces which have each their own design and spatial significance.  The first dining experience represents life, organized by 3 large mirrored planters which are designed to promote green and visually disappear in the space.

▼用餐区,dinning area© Songkai Liu


The layering of the mirrors reflects the surrounding space through different visual depths in order to maximize the space and enlarge the viewer’s experience. The mirror planters are overlapping each other vertically and horizontally representing the 3dimension layering of the design elements.

▼镜面堆砌的植物区,the overlapped mirror planter © Songkai Liu

▼镜面植物区细部,detail view of the overlapped mirror planter © Songkai Liu


The second space, take in consideration the spatial proportion, and proposes a narrow but high spatial experience. Allowing visitors to closely be together without being confined in the space. Large windows are offering the guest, the inside spectacle of the kitchen and expose the culinary style of the restaurant.

▼从用餐区望向厨房,view of the kitchen from the dining area © Songkai Liu

▼餐桌一侧的窗户,window nearby the dining table © Songkai Liu


The third space which is located in the rear of the restaurant, combined a series of natural cork planes that are horizontally aligned with vertical terrazzo stone which again are designed to play with visual depth and create a peaceful and natural atmosphere. The natural cork layers are overlapping each other to conceal the lighting and give a different spatial experience.

▼餐厅后部的用餐区,dining area in the rear of the restaurant © Songkai Liu

▼天花板与墙面近景,a close-up view of ceiling and wall © Songkai Liu

▼软木细部,detail view of the cork © Songkai Liu


The construction materials, mirrors, natural wood, cork and terrazzo stone are offering the possibilities to superpose or layer them vertically or horizontally to play with the visual and physical depth of the interior spaces. The lights are punched through the mirrors to counter the layering of the mirror.

▼灯具细节,Light detail © Songkai Liu

▼轴测图,axonometric ©MAP

▼餐厅平面图,plan ©MAP

▼餐厅剖面图1,section 1©MAP

▼餐厅剖面图2,section 2©MAP

Name of Project: MAP creates layered biophilic restaurant in Shanghai
Location: Xingfu Li Shanghai幸福里 (上海)
Architect: MAP & Florian Marquet
Photographer: Songkai Liu
Type: Interior Design
Category: Restaurant
Year: 2021

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