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About Deconstructism


By applying deconstruction methodology, Laopu Peking Duck Restaurant at Xi’an Aerospace City Store recreates familiarity yet distance in spatial relationship meanings. The subject of deconstruction does not have to have physical existence, it could also be ideological, that is to say, object can represent meaning, at the same time, meaning can also be downwardly assigned to object.

▼室内空间概览,overall view of the interior ©谭啸


Standing in front of the building, one can see layering upon layering of tile eaves, concave screen wall right before the entrance; upon entering the building, immediately one faces an indoor courtyard, followed by a winding lounge, brick wall and staircases to upper levels. By breaking down former fixed spatial organization, new materials were introduced creating a sense of blending, bringing new and old together, as if one lives between reality and fantasy.

▼解构示意图,deconstruction diagram ©西安本末笨泥空间设计


About time and space


Taoism philosophy sees those who hold the ideas of life surpassing death are those who are truly living. Those ideology has been infused into Chinese blood who sees beyond time and space, although a level of sadness and melancholy is embedded. As such, poems, paintings, drawings are representation of those space time characteristics. Typical Chinese architectures also demonstrate same ways of prolonging time by organizing architecture building accordingly, including using technique of clustering, application of pavilions and lounges, blending of windows and courtyards. As such, this design applies traditional Chinese philosophy in its approach.

▼镜面地面实现空间的无限延伸,mirrored flooring extending the space ©谭啸


Double spiral staircases lead the eye upwards, contrasting with central water pond lightens the heaviness of cement.

▼视线随着双旋楼梯向上伸展,view sight following the double spiral staircases upwards ©谭啸

▼围绕中央火炉旋转的楼梯,spiral staircases around the central fireplace ©谭啸

▼休息区与展示墙,lounge and exhibition wall ©谭啸

▼宁静的冥想空间,quiet space for contemplation ©谭啸


Water pond and spiraling staircase complements each other while creating central focal point.

▼向上看旋转楼梯,look up to the spiral staircase ©谭啸

▼交叠的体量,staircases complementing each other ©谭啸


Standing on the second floor, ceiling lights are spiral in shape, coincident with the spiral staircase. Spirally effects extend space from one seating areas to the next. Clear glass bricks and metal nets encloses space that is focused and non-disturbing.

▼二层空间,second floor space ©谭啸

▼亚克力灯片继续向上旋转,acrylic lights continuously spiraling upwards ©谭啸


A few hundred acrylic light and LED lights were hung with thin copper strings. Warm tone lights match with the pond, sending warm and welcoming sense.

▼亚克力灯细部,details of the acrylic lights ©谭啸


Clear glass bricks were chosen for reason being better than the darkness of traditional clay brick, and yet functionally creates enclosure.

▼采用玻璃砖围合的卡座包间,booth enclosed by glass bricks ©谭啸


Third floor ceiling is the beginning of waterfall, by hearing dripping sounds of the water, time is distilled.

▼三层空间,third floor space ©谭啸


Sunlight shines through the glass window, through those thin aluminum tile, combining with the sound of water, the mind starts to glow. Time is limitless, yet is life.

▼卡座细部,details of the booth ©谭啸


About giving up


Less is more, by keeping less, non-frill decorations reduce complexity to minimal, sending the message of endless possibilities. Instead of using strong color contrasts, different tones of grey are chosen to reflect lights from outdoor.

▼走廊,大面积使用灰色材料,corridors, space mainly in grey tone ©谭啸

▼墙面细部,details of the wall ©谭啸


Instead of sending materialism message, absolute abstract design ideology has been used: similar or near same messages are send from floor, wall, ceiling, spiral staircases, i.e. monotone were created. Handrailing are hand polished to the smoothest states, elevating the sensor.

▼楼梯细部,details of the staircase ©谭啸


Other Characteristics


Curvy screen wall acts as pavilion before entrance which adds privacy between external and internal space. Meanwhile excessive sounds and visions are shelters away;an eye-catching focal point is created for walking by passengers.

▼餐厅外观,external view of the restaurant ©谭啸


Aluminum tiles were added to the glass wall, to prevent excessive heat effect, and also to increase variety of texture, creating layering effect. Cement wall inside of each room were redone to create texture of traditional grinding disc to represent time of the past. Stone lions re-emphasis the past in the present time. Matte finish including doors and other decorations keeps the tone cohesive to the rest while presenting a level of warmth.

▼立面细部,details of the facade ©谭啸

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©西安本末笨泥空间设计

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©西安本末笨泥空间设计

▼三层平面图,third floor plan ©西安本末笨泥空间设计


Project Name: Laopu Peking Duck Restaurant – Xi’an Aerospace City Store
Project Location: Xi’an Aerospace City, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province
Project Size: 2600 Square meter
Design Company: Xi’an Benmo Benni Space Design Co. Ltd
Lead Designer: Hai Chen
Design Team: Liaoxiang Guo, Boyu Wang, Yanqiang Hou at Benmo Beni Space Design Co. Ltd
Interior Staging: Staging Team at Benmo Benni Space Design Co. Ltd
Contractor: Xi’an Mogong Project Construction Co. Ltd
Lighting:   Xi’an Light-path  Light Design Co. Ltd
Wholeroom Intellegence: Yadu Intellegence
Project Completion: May 2020
Photographer: Xiao Tan
Visual Video Producer: Peanut Studio
Application of Outstanding Project Material: Glass Brick, Positive Electrode Oxidized Aluminum, Fine Cement, Double-spiral Aluminum Staircase and Golden Sappan Wood Wall

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