Lan Yu Hotel, China by GM-design

Living in the rainforest of Madagascar

Project Specs


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“Lanyu” is located on the commercial street of a university and is a 7-storey hotel. The lobby on the first floor before the renovation is surrounded by three walls without windows. The light is dim, the layout is crowded and the function is single. In the design, we opened the lobby on the first floor and turned it into a space where the lobby, coffee bar and dining room were combined.The three formats are unified in space, and the open pattern allows sufficient light to be sprayed into the hall through the front floor glass, thus solving the problem of lighting, and the combination of various formats forms a social function, which makes the compound Cross-border hotel.

▼酒店大堂,采用绿色墙面和球形柔光灯,the lobby with green walls and the spherical soft lights

▼酒店大堂,正面的落地玻璃洒进大厅,the lobby, the front floor glass allows sufficient light to be sprayed into the hall


The plants in the lobby, the dark green gradients of the walls, the rainforest wallpaper and the spherical soft lights create a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or a cup of coffee tea for a good time.The fashionable tropical rainforest atmosphere of the lobby is also popular among young people, and it has become a “snake place” for young men and women to compete for.

▼酒店大堂,热带雨林的墙纸和球形柔光灯勾勒出轻松的氛围,the lobby, the rainforest wallpaper and the spherical soft lights create a relaxing atmosphere


At the left and right sides of the lobby road, we have creatively opened up two new formats – 「Capsule apartment」 for guests to use when the rooms are tight during school hours and exams. The capsule apartment is divided into two separate rooms for men and women, and there are public toilets and shower rooms in the area.

▼从大堂看向胶囊公寓的走廊,胶囊公寓可供客房紧张时段使用,looking from the lobby to the capsule apartment for guests to use when the rooms are tight


Due to the original architectural pattern of the hotel, some small-sized rooms were created. In order to guarantee the customer experience, we have focused on the design of small rooms.Under the premise of ensuring the separation of wet and dry, the toilet and shower room should be treated as far as possible, and the position of the sink should be separated from the bathroom, and the larger space in the room will be given to the bed and the desk, which is visually more Spacious, while also allowing independent hand washing and round mirrors to become the highlight of the space.

▼粉色墙壁的酒店客房,洗手池的位置与卫生间分离,将更大的空间让给了床和书桌,the guest room with the pink wall, the sink is separated from the bathroom, leaving more space for the bed and the desk

▼粉色墙壁的客房一角,a corner of the guest room with the pink wall

▼热带雨林风格的酒店客房,the guest room with the style of the rainforest

▼热带雨林风格的酒店客房细部,details of the guest room with the style of the rainforest


The design innovation of “Lanyu” is also reflected in the choice of materials, such as dirt-resistant wall epoxy paint, paint-free birch multi-layer board, environmentally-friendly low-cost cement self-leveling, and terrazzo polished with waste cement. All reflect the designer’s pursuit of environmental protection and practicality.

▼酒店外立面,facade of the hotel

▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼二层平面图,2F plan

▼三层平面图,3F plan

▼四、五层平面图,4F and 5F plan

▼六、七层平面图,6F and 7F plan

项目:「蓝宇 | 酒店 | LAN YU HOTEL」
设计参与:黄雅芬 | 黄灿 | 张禹 | 郑尧秀

Project: “Lanyu | Hotel | LAN YU HOTEL”
Address: Jiangxi Nanchang
The main case design: Wang Jun
Design participation: Huang Yafen | Huang Can | Zhang Yu | Zheng Yaoxiu
Design unit: “GM-design”
Photography: Yang Xindan
Completion time: September 2018
Area: 2800m2
Main materials: wall resin paint, cement self-leveling, terrazzo, imported birch multilayer board, etc.

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