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The Lack table is just a domestic Pop icon. Only in 2016 more than 9 million were sold worldwide and more than 300,000 of them in Spain … Since its birth in 1980 as a search for maximum material efficiency without renouncing design by IKEA, the Lack table has suffered thousands of hacks and tributes that have become a fundamental element to build other furniture from understanding the Lack as a fundamental unit.

the Lack as a fundamental unit to build different using types

LA NAVE是专为市民聚集,商业会面和创新活动打造的理想场所,这里鼓励和激发使用者的创意和想法,并逐渐影响着马德里的城市变化。在马德里四月举行的世界机器人博览会中,NAVE希望以较低的成本来搭建一个承载短期会面、会议、讨论和交流的公共场所,并希望展会结束之后,这一临时家具还可以留在场地或挪作他用。因此ENORME Studio计划用上百个LACK桌,结合创意和智慧,以不同的数量和组合方式,拼装出桌椅,金字塔看台,站台,广告牌,台阶,品牌logo标识等不同的形式,用简单的LACK桌拼装出LACK的理想国。

LA NAVE is a meeting point for citizens, businesses and a vibrant network of innovative professionals who seek to accelerate their ideas and projects to transform the city of Madrid. For the Global Robot Expo, held at the end of April in Madrid, the NAVE needed a stand in which to facilitate meetings, conferences, debates, professional visits, exchanges that could be built with a low budget and that at the end of the fair could be used as furniture in the space of La NAVE. From the beginning, ENORME Studio thought of using hundreds of LACK tables that would form small groups of 10 to 20 tables that, when combined, could offer an infinite number of situations, from the grandiosity of a pyramid understood as a bleacher at an urban scale to small configurations. With a single element … our beloved and newly honored LACK table … LACKTOPIA … a LACK tables UTOPIA !!!


Designers: ENORME Studio 
Client: LA NAVE 
Collaborators: Camille Bluin / Gianluca Ricciolini / Lorenzo Gili / Iro Papagiannopoulou / Gabriel R. Bouzelos
Photography: Javier de Paz García 
Location: LA NAVE, Villaverde, Madrid / IFEMA Global Robot Expo
Date: April 2018
Site Area: 100 square meters
Material: 330 Lack Tables

More: ENORME Studio ,更多关于他们:ENORME Studio on gooood

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