Reverse clock by Mattice Boets

It’s simple, yet different

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Reverse is a contemporary clock design with subtle changes making it one of a kind. The little hand moves by the outer edges of the clock and points to the hour while the middle one pivots in the center and points to the minutes. It’s simple, yet different.


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Reverse时钟的设计师是来自比利时的Mattice Boets,目前就读于西弗兰德大学的工业产品设计系。他的设计初衷是希望创造一款能够令人耳目一新的、与众不同的时钟。Boets于两年前在比利时PIKOH学校念书的时候创作了这项作品,其指导老师是Frédéric Boonen.

Mattice Boets is an industrial product design student at Howest, Belgium. Reverse is a concept he designed with the goal of creating a clock that’s different, yet as easily recognizable as any other. Reverse is a design Mattice Boets created two years ago in the 5th secondary grade at PIKOH, Belgium. The project was coached by Frédéric Boonen.




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