La Sallaz Footbridge, Lausanne / 2b architectes

Dual shape, contrast material.

Project Specs


瑞士洛桑La Sallaz天桥是一座联系地铁站和Bois de Sauvabelin的天桥。其具有双重几何形,并采用对比材料。混凝土折面桥体的内部是形体与外壳呼应的,由木材打造的整体地面与扶手。从地铁站而出,跨越公路,干脆的插入茂密的小山坡,与盘旋的小路联系。来自2b architectes对gooood的分享。更多请至:2b architectes on gooood 

The pedestrian bridge between the Metro station and the Bois de Sauvabelin creates a connection between the urban plateau and the artificial natural landscape of le Vallon.

The duality of different geometries at the location, the quadrangular construction on the square compared to the so-called “natural” character of le Vallon, becomes a leitmotif for the bridge construction. Depending on the perception from the different perspectives, i. e. whether one crosses over the bridge as a pedestrian, or under it as a car driver, the design presents its play of criss-crossing lines between the square and the street, thereby shifting them together into a characteristic form.

To announce its dual role as a new gateway into the city and as a connecting element for slower traffic, the design uses the two complementary materials of wood and concrete. This provides solutions for the statics, while the interplay between specific material properties creates contrasting atmospheres for the car drivers rushing by below and the pedestrians crossing the heart of the bridge above.

On the opposite side, the construction rests on the mound of rubble created while the Metro was being constructed. There, the atmospherically charged course is continued over the ramp, leading downwards in a large spiral through the dense ornamental shrubbery.








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