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Located on a triangular lot, the house occupies the area along the two short sides of the triangle, generating a large patio as a focus of the public areas. The private areas on the upper floor are hidden behind a wooden latticework that blocks the sunlight and keeps the rooms cool.

overview of the House © Claudia PCampos

view of the House from the street © Vìctor G. Hernández Reyes

inside the triangular lot © Claudia PCampos


The façade is constantly modified by the walkway around the perimeter, with the balconies opening onto the patio or closing up and filtering views of the exterior.

view of the living room © Claudia PCampos

the open balconies © Claudia PCampos


The large triangular patio is connected with another smaller one that serves as a link between the living room and dining room in the apartments. It has a reflecting pool that lowers temperatures and provides some freshness to the common areas.

the smaller patio © Claudia PCampos


On the other side, the patio turns into a parking area adjacent to the garden. This frontier between interior and exterior constitutes a barrier of dense vegetation that filters out the air from the busier vehicle side.

view of the public space from the corridor © Claudia PCampos

the indoor stairs © Vìctor G. Hernández Reyes

the first floor plan © TACTIC-A

the upper floor plan © TACTIC-A

section A © TACTIC-A

section B © TACTIC-A

Office: TACTIC-A
Instagram: @tacticaa
Facebook: @tacticamx
WEB: www.tactic-a.com
Architects: Arq. Carlos Morán, Arq. Juan Martín
Team: Arq. Claudia P.Campos, Arq. Julián Louvet, Arq. Isaac Gómez Becerra, Arq. Sandra Camarena Murillo.
Constructed Surface Area: 427m2
Constructor: TADEMA
Instagram: @ta.de.ma
Facebook: @tallerdematerializacion
Photography: Claudia P. Campos
Instagram: @claudiapcamposphoto
Víctor G. Hernández
Instagram: @victor.reyes.fotografia
Location: León, Guanajuato
Year: 2018

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