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Karate is defined as a ” Japanese combat system without weapons… with the aim of knocking down the opponent by means of dry blows given with the edge of the hands, elbows and feet”. This definition adjusts very well to the action proposed for this project. Austerity and the absence of “weapons” are the essence of some calm spaces where recycling, light and pre-existence put an extra value to each of the activities to be carried out in these facilities.

▼主训练空间,the main training space © David Zarzoso


The axis of the project lies in the two large adjoining open-plan rooms, designed as opposites, separated by a large Japanese-inspired wooden lattice that generates a constant counterpoint and reaffirms the concept. Trying to carry this premise to the maximum, the colors used are presented opposite according to the program planned for each one of them. Discipline and chaos.

▼两个相连的开放空间通过木制栅格墙相隔开, two large adjoining open-plan rooms are separated by a large wooden lattice © David Zarzoso

▼主空间细节,interior views © David Zarzoso

▼器械训练室, strength training area © David Zarzoso

▼木制栅格墙细节, wooden lattice details © David Zarzoso


In summary, we have tried to turn a training center into a multifunctional space that can host all kinds of events, creating spaces capable of adapting to different situations without forgetting the function for which they were designed.

▼空间可以用于各种类型的活动,a multifunctional space that can host all kinds of events © David Zarzoso

▼普拉提训练,Pilates training © David Zarzoso

▼轴测分解图,axon exploded © Carlos Segarra Arquitectos

▼平面图,plan © Carlos Segarra Arquitectos

▼剖面图,section © Carlos Segarra Arquitectos

Project Name: Kyodai Training Center
Office name: Carlos Segarra | arquitectos
Office website:
Office e-mail:
Architect in charge: Carlos Segarra
Location: Valencia, Spain
Year: 2020
Surface (m2): 495
Photographer: David Zarzoso

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